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April: U.S. News




4-30-04  Vice Principal Arrested in Family's Slayings

4-30-04  Bush- Bin Laden memo lacked details

4-29-04  Terror Warning for L.A. Mall

4-29-04  Bush, Cheney to Meet With 9/11 Panel

4-29-04  US detention tests scope of antiterror law

4-25-04  US to hold detainees at Guantanamo indefinitely

4-24-04  Sex Videos On Pause, and Idled Actors Fret

4-24-04  Half-Naked Couple Cause Stir Up a Tree

4-24-04  Officers caught in bull's-eye

4-24-04  Former Top Oil-for-Food Official Says He'll Cooperate

4-24-04  Flag-Draped Coffin Photos Raise Questions Nationwide

4-23-04  House OKs bill on emergency succession

4-23-04  Heads roll in paper scandal

4-22-04  Appeals Court- Continue Moussaoui Case

4-22-04  Plant in Vermont Searches for Radioactive Parts

4-22-04  USA Today Blows the Whistle on Itself

4-20-04  Kerry Won't Release Tax Info on Teresa's Treasure

4-20-04  Gorelick Defends Memo, Position on 9/11 Commission

4-20-04  Saudis Deny Oil Deal With Bush

4-18-04  Five US marines are killed after ambush near Syrian border

4-18-04  Officials- Chemical, Gas Attacks Thwarted in Jordan

4-18-04  Cops Find Body of Missing Pregnant Woman

4-18-04  'Too Good to Pass Up for Them'

4-18-04  Spring Party Sparks Iowa Riot

4-18-04  Missing Woman's Body Found

4-18-04  '100 Unique Retaliations'

4-18-04  Spanish PM- Troops Out of Iraq ASAP

4-18-04  Bremer- Security Forces Won't Be Ready

4-18-04  Jesse Jackson Asked for Hostage Help

4-17-04  Should Gorelick Be in the Hot Seat?

4-17-04  Bush Should Pull the Plug on 9/11 Commission

4-17-04  Mrs. Kerry- I Can't Believe I Came to U.S.

4-17-04  Kerry's War Wound a 'Fingernail Scrape'

4-17-04  US raid targets East Bay warehouse

4-17-04  Official- CIA Warned of Attacks

4-16-04  Measles Warning Expanded for Airline Passengers

4-15-04  Virginia police suspend DNA collection

4-15-04  Wis. student accused of faking abduction

4-15-04  Girl in wreck survives 10 days on noodles, Gatorade

4-15-04  Report points to lapses of intelligence agencies

4-13-04  Judge Rules Enough Evidence to Try Fresno Slaying Suspect

4-13-04  Cops Probe Felony Charges Against Audrey Seiler

4-13-04  Kirkland man charged after authorities find ricin

4-13-04  11 Commission Hot Seat Today

4-10-04  Explosion in Mexico Kills 6

4-10-04  White House Releases August 6 Briefing

4-10-04  Raw Data- Text of Released PDB

4-10-04  9-11 Panel Member Faults Clinton Inaction

4-10-04  U.S. Marshal in Mississippi Defends Erasure of Reporters' Recordings of Scalia Speech

4-10-04  Federal Authorities Fault Railroad for Train Derailment in LA Suburb

4-10-04  Sick U.S. Worker Is Evacuated From Antarctic Base for Treatment

4-10-04  Sony Purchases Movie Rights to Richard Clarke's 'Against All Enemies'

4-09-04  Law Agencies Look for Radio Waves

4-09-04  Mansoor Ijaz Answers YOUR Questions

4-09-04  Rice Sets Stage for CIA, FBI

4-09-04  Presidential Brief to Go Public

4-09-04  Lawlessness Underscores Haiti Challenge

4-09-04  Some parents of Marines feel left out

4-09-04  Senators call for better control of civilian security workers in Iraq

4-09-04  Texas Gang Clash Turns Into Vehicular Murder

4-09-04  Cops Get 24 Complaints About Disney World 'Tigger'

4-08-04  Blasts Rock New Mexico Refinery

4-08-04  Feds Seek Body Armor Sellers

4-07-04  Port workers charged with ID fraud

4-07-04  Amtrak Train Derailment Kills One

4-06-04  Murderer Stores Body 14 Years

4-06-04  ACLU sues US over 'no-fly' list

4-06-04  Survey sees Muslim eye on politics

4-06-04  Study- US Muslims More Political, Religious, Liberal

4-05-04  25 Killed, 60 Missing in Mexican Border Floods

4-05-04  Teacher Steps Forward as Hit-and-Run Driver

4-05-04  Four Arrests After N.J. College Melee

4-05-04  Officials warn blackout could be repeated

4-05-04  WWII ordnance surfaces in sand at Fort Funston

4-05-04  Investigators seek help in finding shooter who wounded FDU student

4-05-04  Jury accepts insanity defense for mother who stoned sons

4-05-04  Texas, New Mexico Hit Hard By Heavy Rains, Flooding

4-05-04  US, Canada to issue final report on power blackout

4-04-04  Police block off campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University

4-04-04  Three Killed, One Wounded in Shooting Attack After Party in Detroit

4-04-04  Student Shot at N.J. College

4-04-04  US warns of transport attack

4-04-04  Emergency Workers Shot Dead in Apparent Ambush

4-04-04  Fourth Person Dies From Hepatitis A Outbreak

4-04-04  Pit Bull Fatally Mauls 16-Month-Old in Detroit

4-04-04  Two Dead in Air Force Training Plane Crash

4-04-04  S.C. Bishop Charged With Having Sex With Minor

4-04-04  Savannah Braces for G-8 Protesters

4-04-04  Two Emergency Workers Shot Dead

4-04-04  Police Defend Wisconsin Coed Probe

4-04-04  Cops Seal Off N.J. College Campus

4-04-04  Mom Who Stoned Sons Not Guilty

4-04-04  Australian tourists in US security crackdown

4-04-04  Their high-risk strategy

4-03-03  Lacrosse Coach Gets Jail Time In Sex Case

4-03-04  Teen Beating Caught On Tape

4-03-04  Dorm Fire Prosecutors Offered to Pay Mobsters

4-03-04  Man Charged With Killing Woman, Four Kids

4-03-04  Cops: Audrey's Kidnap Story a Hoax

4-02-04  Stern Tricks 'Fools' With Clean Show

4-02-04  Businesses Add 308,000 Jobs in March

4-02-04  Four Kids, Woman Beaten to Death in Detroit

4-02-04  Texas Mom Describes Stoning Children on Tape

4-02-04  Conn. Teens Report Rapes by Street Gangs

4-02-04  Nearly Two Dozen Injured in 66-Car Pileup in Calif.

4-02-04  Ohio Highway Shootings Suspect Charged

4-02-04  Cops Probe Alleged Wis. Abduction

4-01-04  NC town braces for victims' IDs

4-01-04  Bush to sign fetus-protection bill

4-01-04  Cops Hunt Audrey's Abductor

4-01-04  66-Car Pileup Clogs Calif. Interstate

4-01-04  Martha Seeks New Trial

4-01-04  Virginia Couple Claims $239 Million Lottery Jackpot

4-01-04  Mobster's Girlfriend Found Dead


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