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Special-Ops Gun-Cam


STS-48 Film UFO




Movie Clips

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U.N. Vehicles Hidden at old CIA Airport


ISIS Bombing Caught Red Handed Innocents Hurt - Hoax


Videos/U.S Special Forces Operators in HEAVY Firefight (HD)

The lethal micro-drones that can crawl, hover and perch


Video 3:33 min. = Meteor Hits Russia Meteorite Crash in Russia Meteor Showers Russia Crash 15 02 2013


Video 2:54 min. = Meteor Explodes In Russia Followed By Sonic Boom

Video 1:26 min. = Meteor Hits Russia! Feb 15th 2013 Explosion

Video 1:03 min. = MORE VIEDEOS METEOR Meteor in Russia 15.02.2013 - Meteor in Russland


Paul Johnson Beheading

5-12-04  Video Of Islamic Beheading Of Nick Berg

5-12-04  Mexican Air Force Pilots Videotape UFOs

US Army Rangers - movie

US Navy SEALS - movie

1992 fighting between Tajik rebels and communist govt. forces-movie

A robot detonates an explosive device in Moscow- Movie

Aftermath of gas attack in Tokyo- movie

AIM-9 Sidewinder - movie

Air combat flight simulator demo - movie

Anarchy holds sway over the streets of Monrovia - movie

Apache gunship - movie

Blue Angels flying over Naval Academy graduation - movie

Bombed hotel in Northern Ireland - movie

Bosnian Serbs burn buildings as they leave Sarajevo - movie

C-17 Globe master - movie

Chinese war games - movie

Chinese war games 2 - movie

Damaged F-18 Hornet beginning descent - movie

Dark Star - movie

DEA agents make arrests nationwide - movie

Destroying an abandoned bunker in Bosnia - movie

Destruction of Hamas bomber's home - movie

EA-6B Prowler - movie

Enabling force getting to work - Bosnia - movie

Taliban artillery firing north of Kabul, Afghanistan - movie

F-14 Tomcat - movie

F-15 Eagle - movie

F-15 Eagle 2 - movie

F-16 Fighting Falcon - movie

F-117 Stealth Fighter - movie

F-18 crashes near St. Louis - movie

F-18 Hornet 2 - movie

F-22 Raptor - movie

MH-47E Chinook - movie

Pilot makes miracle landing in dead F-16 - movie

Falklands War footage - movie

Farewell to the A-6 Intruder, retired after 30 years - movie

French nuclear test - movie

Fifth French nuclear test sparks international outrage - movie

Fighting in Chechnya - movie

Footage of Israeli military attacks - movie

Government, Serb troops complying with NATO deadline - movie

Haitian boat people - movie

Hezbollah bomb explodes in South Lebanon [graphic footage] - movie

Hezbollah TV shows Israeli tank taking hit - movie

Hijacked Iberia Airlines plane lands in Florida - movie

Israel and U.S. developing new anti-missile defense - movie

Israeli army launches offensive in Lebanon - movie

Israeli reconnaissance plane video of U.N. camp hit by Israeli shells - movie

Israelis destroy Hezbollah bases in Lebanon - movie

Israeli-Turkish Military Search and Rescue - movie

Land mines exploding - movie

Lebanese ambulance destroyed by Israeli helicopter - movie

Liberia's descent into chaos, unchecked - movie

Memorial service for Saudi bombing victims at Elgin AFB. - movie

Mexican army chops down opium poppy plants - movie

Mexican army trains to stop drug trafficking - movie

Military action near northwestern Bosnian town of Kljuc - movie

Mines explode in Afghanistan - movie

Nosecone video of NATO air-strike in Bosnia - movie

Planes aboard the USS Independence - movie

Scenes from Russian invasion of Chechnya - movie

Scenes from the Tokyo subway nerve-gas attack - movie

Siberian Military Transport Crash - movie

South Korean soldiers kill spy - movie

Sri Lankan refugees in camp - movie

Taiwan prepares underground tunnels - movie

Taiwanese military movements - movie

Tamil Tigers training for guerrilla war - movie

Top gun fighter pilots learn their tricks - movie

Troops training in Bosnia - movie

U.N. peacekeepers come under Israeli shell fire - movie

U.S. Coast Guard chases Dominican smugglers - movie

U.S. Naval Firepower - movie

U.S. Navy AEGIS-class Cruisers - movie

U.S. not worried about delays; Tuzla deployment still in flux - movie

U.S. troop flow gaining momentum in Bosnia - movie

UN soldiers destroy a leftover NATO bomb - movie

United States-led U.N. troops land in Haiti for Operation Restore Democracy - movie

Views of bombed building - movie

West Point marks 20 years as co-ed school - movie

M. J. Video Divx.



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