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Three-fingered 'mummified creatures' found with elongated skulls in Peru are aliens, claims controversial Russian scientist

Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military.

UFO  Update = Video

UFO Clash Near Antarctica = Video

Strange Line across the Earth = Video

Behold Giants =Video

Pre flood trees and precious stones = Video


Teleportation Is Real and Here's Why it Matters

10 Teleportation's That Were Caught on Tape

Skier "Teleported" 2900 Miles Away From Mountain?

Missing skier found 2,800 miles away -- confused and wearing same gear



There Were Giants in Those Days

There Were Giants in Those Days Page 3

There Were Giants in Those Days Page 4 Giants and Dinosaurs Together?

Giant Tales A Kentucky Cave Story

There Were Giants in Those Days Page 6 Giant Tales

The Black Knight, A 13000 Year Old Alien Satellite?

A Brief Review of a Selection of Incredible, Lost, Forgotten or Ignored News from Our Recent Past

Billionaire Bunkers: Exclusive Look Inside the World's Largest Planned Doomsday Escape


Esteemed Scientist Makes Shocking Human-Chimp Hybrid Claim


Thunderbird Spotted in Alaska?

Video: Family in North Carolina Has Frightening Coyote Encounter

Watch: Spooky Swarm of Birds Filmed in Texas

Video: Four-Legged Chicken in India Finds 'Fame'

Weird 'Mystery Object' Washes Ashore in Australia

Trucker in Peru Scars Nazca Lines

Huge Hole Appears on French Beach

Mysterious Incident Kills Hundreds of Birds in Utah

Trio of Weird Spheres Land in Peru

Russian River Turns Blood Red

Odd Horned Fish Caught in Siberia

Spooky 'Spectre' Filmed in France

Cryptid Proof Could Net Huge Prize


US government has 'crystal clear pics of UFOs chased by military' claims former insider

Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle

Winchester Mystery House draws new interest

Egyptian archaeologists discover 4,400-year-old tomb near Cairo

Curiosity captures incredible Mars panorama

How UFO reports change with the technology of the times

I-Team: Man who headed up secret government UFO study speaks out

Did Ancient Greeks Sail to Canada?

Huge Hole Appears on French Beach

Mysterious Incident Kills Hundreds of Birds in Utah

Russian River Turns Blood Red

Esteemed Scientist Makes Shocking Human-Chimp Hybrid Claim

Spooky 'Spectre' Filmed in France



'Unusual Circumstances' Delay Pentagon UFO Program FOIAs

Video: 'Time Traveler' Claims to Have Photo from the Future

Glitch on ISS Broadcast Catches the Attention of Conspiracy Theorists

Watch: Bigfoot Filmed in Canada?

Dazzling Trifid Nebula Glows in an Ocean of Stars

Face of 9,000-Year-Old Teenager Reconstructed

Ancient Indian Petroglyph Depicts Mysterious Twin Suns in Earth’s Skies

Flu virus can be spread just by breathing

Meteorite hunters find first fragments of Michigan meteor

Undersea 'Mordor' found off coast of Australia

Scientists unravel bizarre mystery of mass antelope deaths

Is this truth about the Basingstoke UFO?


Complex engineering, metal-work discovered beneath ancient Greek 'pyramid'...

Giant 'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid Will Whiz By Earth So Close We Can See Inside It

What Wiped Out the Aztecs? Scientists Find New Clues.

Video: Mighty Meteor Lights Up the Sky Over Michigan

Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Aliens' on Mars

Flying Humanoid Filmed in Mexico?

'River Monster' Spotted in Germany

Video: Mystery Boom Shakes Dallas

Watch: UFO Appears Behind Newscast in Oregon?

Odd Orbs Filmed in New Zealand

NASA Spots 'Stick Figures' on Mars


Mystery as SPACEX cuts live feed of rocket launch to protect SECRET payload...

UFO on runway ???

Shark Spotted in Lake Michigan?

Hollow Earth Theory Gets Hot

Rocket Launch Mistaken for UFO

Video: Nightmarish Sounds Recorded Coming from Forest in BC

Reconstructed Baby Woolly Rhino Showcased in Russia

Video: 'Snow Tsunami' Filmed in WY

Scientists predict 'mini ice age' could hit UK by 2030

Strange Encounters with the Mysterious Little People of...Detroit?

Scientists Are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body

The wildest scientific discoveries of 2017

9 Photos of Extraordinary Mummies, Ancient and Modern

What the New York Times UFO Report Actually Reveals

To Find Life on Mars, Look Underground

Alternate UFO Theories Already In the Press

Russian Subs Are Lurking Around Undersea Data Cables

Defense Contractor Says Their Tech Can Track UAPs

How Would an 'Alien Invasion' Play Out?

Guillermo Del Toro's UFO Sighting

New Material Can Stop Bullets


UPDATE: Massive MAGMA pool bubbling under New England...

Volcanic eruption?

Glow in the dark sharks: new species discovered in Hawaii

NASA reveals it has started planning a 2069 mission to Alpha Centauri

What We've Learned From 60 Years of U.S.-Funded UFO Probes

Unsolved Science Mysteries From 2017

Scientists finally confirm there was life on Earth 3.5 billion years ago

A Mysterious Blob of Hot Rock Is Building Up Under America's Northeast

The Ancient Greeks Created Golden Passports to Paradise

Glowing trees could replace street lights

Odd Encounters with the Mysterious Little People of Alaska


Pentagon Mysterious UFO Program... 

Navy Jet Encounters Unknown Object...

Operated Like Nothing Seen Before...


Video: A Glimpse of Oumuamua

Crouching Humanoid Spotted in Illinois

Star system has record eight exoplanets

Rare Aztec Map Reveals a Glimpse of Life in 1500s Mexico

Greenland shark thought to be 512 years old

No alien 'signals' from cigar-shaped asteroid: researchers

A 17th-Century Portrait of a Glamorous Bearded Woman

Once a Forbidden Tradition, Mummering in Newfoundland Is Alive and Well

Artificial Intelligence Is Killing the Uncanny Valley and Our Grasp on Reality

Woman Claims She Has Sex With Ghosts

'Haunted' New Yorker shares images of the evil 'Dear David' ghost in his room

Jupiter Great Red Spot has deep roots

Giant Prehistoric Penguins Once Swam Off The Coast Of New Zealand

Why This Explosive, Mars-Like Volcanic Island Fascinates NASA

Earth's Mysterious Hum Recorded Underwater for 1st Time

The Gulf Breeze UFO Wave - 30 Years Later



Artificial Intelligence machine can identify 2 BILLION people in seconds...

The Gulf Breeze UFO Wave - 30 Years Later

A.I. That Can Fake Video Nearly Seamlessly

The Risks of Digital DNA

Creating Conditions on Other Planets in the Lab

Exoplanet most likely to support alien life might not be habitable after all

Watch: Fireball shooting across the sky captured by police dashcam

Egypt archaeologists discover mummy in Luxor

Man says he captured UFO on camera on NW Side of San Antonio

Mysterious 2,000-year-old rock art of mythical beasts and ancient rituals in Venezuela

Massive, distant black hole 'shouldn't exist'

Scientists capture mysterious hum from deep inside the Earth - but no one knows what it is

The world's smallest Mona Lisa

UFO over North Korea?

These odd, creepy stories will convince you this old castle in England is haunted


Mysterious hum deep inside Earth baffles...

Ancient human ancestor 'Little Foot' makes public debut

17-foot python that could 'pretty much kill any full-grown man' caught in Everglades

Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba

Ice age caves discovered underneath city of Montreal


'This is a major discovery': Two amateur explorers use drill and hammers to discover never-before-seen ICE AGE cave network 30-feet below street level in Montreal

Massive Mysterious Stick Structures Concern Forest Officials in NM


Apocalyptic volcanic super eruption that could destroy civilisation is closer than we thought

Lost original Greek text of banned Bible book found at Oxford University

Mysterious Polar Vortex Observed on Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon

The sunken Roman city that was once the resort of the super rich

A 'Martian' First: Earthworms Born in Mock Mars Soil

Archeologists unearth rare Hellenistic-era mystery structure in Negev

Why has this River Ouse stream turned neon green and blue?

The ghost story that never ends

Gravity signals traveling at the speed of light could warn of big earthquakes

Record haul of 215 pterosaur eggs discovered

'Equator trap' may complicate search for alien life

Loud booms heard across southern Arizona may be from Luke AFB

Legendary female Soviet pilot and UFO hunter, Marina 'Madam MIG' Popovich, dies at 86

The new hobby of the super-rich: Hunting aliens


Apocalyptic volcanic super eruption that could destroy civilisation is closer than we thought

2,000-Year-Old Killer Whale Geoglyph Found in Peru Desert

Has alien bacteria been found on the ISS?

What You Need to Know About Bali's Rumbling Volcano

Insane Government Conspiracies: Lizard People, Mind Controlled Clones, and Fairies

Television's Most Infamous Hack Is Still a Mystery 30 Years Later

That Interstellar Asteroid is Pretty Strange. Could It Be…?

Odd Activity Observed at Area 51

Serial Cow Killer Haunts Hawaiians

Lost original Greek text of banned Bible book found at Oxford University

Record haul of 215 pterosaur eggs discovered

'Equator trap' may complicate search for alien life

Loud booms heard across southern Arizona may be from Luke AFB

The new hobby of the super-rich: Hunting aliens



Mysterious Night Flashes Observed from Satellite.

What You Need to Know About Bali's Rumbling Volcano

An Electric Blue Tarantula and More Than 30 Other New Species

Television's Most Infamous Hack Is Still a Mystery 30 Years Later

MIT Team Wins Mars City Design Contest for 'Redwood Forest' Idea

That Interstellar Asteroid is Pretty Strange. Could It Be…?

The Chinese may have beaten the famous voyage of Columbus by 70 years

Mystery Booms Are Baffling Witnesses

Scientific Proof Is A Myth

Seven Ways Humanity Will Change by 2030

Alert as Iceland's Largest Volcano Awakes After 290 Years of Dormancy

UFO Sightings: Is the Government Withholding An Interest in Alien Life?

Is California about to be hit by the 'Big One'?

What the Hell Was That Mystery Aircraft Flying Over Oregon?

The Bizarre Mystery of the Unidentified Human Head from Nowhere


World's first human head transplant successfully carried out...


The Tianjin Explosion Caused by Pentagon Space Weapons According to Natural News!

8 facts about Rods of God Apple Tree Space weapon, Future weapon, Rods from God

Drone footage of Tianjin Crater in 4k Blast site clean up in progress

RAND_MR1209 Rod of God, PDF Document


Conspiracy theorists go berserk over video of 'UFO destroying US predator drone with energy beam'

How America’s National Parks Became Hotbeds of Paranormal Activity

A gigantic 'man-made' sphere was discovered in Bosnia-- said to be left over from ancient civilization

Ancient Art in Caribbean Caves Has a Mysterious Inspiration

Egypt archaeologist criticises pyramid void 'discovery'

Could this be Atlantis? Aerials of island discovered in the middle of the Pacific spark theories

Government Files and the Abominable Snowman

A high tech ghost story

New 'Black Death' found

Do ghosts keep an eye on the living world?

Chilling picture shows 'ghost' staring straight at museum visitor in terrifying shot

Hawking: 'AI will eventually replace humans'


Archaeologists discover mysterious void deep within Great Pyramid of Giza...

Pyramid Scan Video

NASA'S TR R-277 Catalog Of Reported Lunar Events. PDF

NASA Shares Haunting 'Sounds' from Space


The Mystery Of The ‘Guadeloupe Woman

'Scarecrow' Stalks Family in UK?

Watch: Waves of 'Walking' Octopuses Wash Ashore in Wales

'Mothership' Spotted on Mars

Massive Hailstorm Slams Argentina

Odd Object Photographed on Mars - Coast to Coast AM

Eerie 'Portal' Appears in Argentina

Bigfoot Researcher Sues Canadian Government for Ignoring Sasquatch

Russian Missile Test Over Siberia Stirs ET Fears

Strange Sea Creature Remains Wash Ashore in Alaska

Game Wardens 'Bust' Ghost Hunters in MN Cemetery

Menacing 'Mystery Creature' Seen Eating a Duck at a Lake in the UK

Ghostly Activity Filmed at UK Pub

'Darth Vader' Spotted on Mars

UFO Landing Site Found in Brazil?

Treasure Hunters Arrested in India

Watch: Dashcam Captures 'Ghost Car' Accident in Singapore

Why Do People See Ghosts?

The man who keeps venomous monsters

Mind-Controlled Drone Swarms Could Soon Put More Eyes in the Sky

Group searches for secret passage underneath Asheville Masonic Temple

'Upright Canine' Encounter in Mississippi

Newfound wormhole allows information to escape black holes

Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a robot

The new religions obsessed with A.I.

Aliens on Mars? UFO mothership is on Red Planet, claim spotters

Mysterious object could be interstellar visitor


Did A Giant Hairy Beast Scare This Town Into Oblivion?

The Mummies of Guanajuato Are Terrifying to Behold

Impending Asteroid Flyby Spawns Another Apocalypse Warning

Ghost Hunters 'Haunt' UK Forest

Video: 'Fire Devil' Filmed in Portugal

Colorado Hikers Startled by 'Bigfoot'

'Slenderman' Spooks Oregon City

'Ghost Girl' Photographed at the Stanley Hotel?

Macabre Mystery Unearthed in TX

Irish School Films 'Ghostly Activity'

Santa's Grave Found in Turkey?

Black Cats Keep Mysteriously Vanishing in England

Shag Harbour UFO Case Turns 50

'Time Traveler' Arrested in Wyoming

Eerie Anomaly Photographed at Haunted Pub in England

Final Report on MH370 Calls the Mystery 'Almost Inconceivable'

Mystery Monkeys Spotted in Ohio

Thylacine Extinction Mystery Solved?

Is A.I. Going Too Far?

The Strange Story of the Blue Fugates of Kentucky

Archaeologists Virtually Recreate Wealthy Banker's Home from Pompeii

Update on the Chicago Mothman Sightings

Prison Escapees Caught In Escape Room


Zealandia drilling reveals secrets of sunken lost continent

New species of GIANT RAT discovered so big can crack coconuts with teeth

Giant wombatlike creatures migrated across Australia 300,000 years ago

The Key To Gravity May Lie in the Quantum Realm

Head Transplant Doctor Claims New Success

The Man Who Left the Earth With Aliens

Near Death Experiences Amongst Combat Veterans

Pyramid construction mystery has been solved

Spielberg offered to aid in United Nations UFO effort during Close Encounters era

Terminator moves step closer to reality


'Mysterious' ancient creature was definitely an animal, research confirms

Mysterious and Chilling Photographs of Unidentified People

60 ancient shipwrecks found in the Black Sea

Biologists Just Discovered an Underwater Octopus City And They're Calling It Octlantis

UFO reported near Augusta, Georgia

500-Million-Year-Old Creature Looks Like Space Alien in Re-Creation

The Stonehenge We See Today Is A Reconstruction

Bizarre Things at the Crytozoology Museum

Witnesses See 40 UFOs Over a Beach in the UK

The Lizard People of Ancient Los Angeles

NASA Offers Free E-Book With Amazing Saturn Images

Is this the bottom of a flying saucer hovering over photographer's head?


Is the world going to end on September 23? Biblical prophecy of the 'Rapture' predicts the apocalypse will occur on that exact date


Giant in Afghanistan

Bizarre Mass Monkey Death Blamed on Tiger's Roar

Irma Leaves Beach with No Water

Trio of UFOs Spotted Near the ISS?

5 Eerie Scenes Caught on Camera

Mysterious 'Devil's Letter' Decoded

Thylacine Filmed by Game Camera?

Helicopter Circles UFO Over LA?

Has the mystery of the 600-year-old Voynich manuscript been solved?

Unknown species may thrive in Antarctic caves

A student found an ancient Canadian village that’s 10,000 years older than the Pyramids

CIA informant claimed Hitler survived WWII

'Glowing UFO' spotted in skies above Brit 'alien' hotspot in shock footage

Mexico earthquake sets off mysterious bright lights

Secretive X-37B space plane launches again

NASA just recorded the biggest sun solar flare in nearly a decade

Terrifying 'ghost' appears in pop star's video

Wright-Patterson AFB at 100

China Builds Subway Station in the Middle of Nowhere

Mankind is at a 'tipping point' as automation and AI begins to replace us

Project Chameleo + Skinwalker Ranch


Odd 'Alien Insect' Found in Taiwan
A truly bizarre-looking creature found squirming around on some rocks in Taiwan left onlookers

Mystery Mist Sickens Slew of Beachgoers in England
Visitors to a beach in England became sickened on Sunday after a mysterious chemical fog wafted

Cell Phone Spotted in Old Painting-

'Coded' Crop Circle Appears in UK

Watch- Eerie Anomaly Filmed in NM

Civil War Submarine Mystery Solved

Watch- Fox News Films UFO Flying Past U.S. Capitol Building-

Foolish Photo Attempt Damages Ancient Stone Coffin in England

Creepy 'Ghost Children' Allegedly Haunt English Home

Giant Crop Circle Irks Farmer

Sinkhole Swallows Scooter in China

FBI Accepts New Cooper Evidence

Bizarre 'Monkey Pig' Born in Cuba

'Apocalyptic' Cloud Hangs Over Brazilian Town

Video- 5 Haunting Hidden Rooms

Video- The Werewolf Cat

Dogs Turning Blue in India


Scientists remotely hacked a brain, controlling body movements

Truly Bizarre Accounts of Spontaneously Vanishing Bigfoot

A New Explanation for One of the Strangest Occurrences in Nature-- Ball Lightning

5 Mythic Eclipse Monsters Who Mess With the Sun and Moon

Who Is Doing This- Global Wave of Animal Mutilations Defies Explanation

East Field Farmer's Wife Remembers Wiltshire Crop Circles in the 1940s and 50s

Aliens In Our Midst-

The Inside Story of Disney's UFO Project

Are there hidden chambers in the Great Pyramid of Giza-

The Mars colony of the future could be powered by this advanced microgrid

A man of science confronts demonic possession

'Poltergeist' returns castle's lost valuables

The never-ending search for UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence

'Zombie virus' outbreak causes caterpillars to explode

What happens next if we find proof of space aliens-

A Dinosaur So Well Preserved It Looks Like a Statue

I Went to a Bangkok Hotel to Hear Apocalyptic Alien Prophecies


A Dinosaur So Well Preserved It Looks Like a Statue

Jim Marrs Dies

'Alien's Grave' Found in Crimea

NASA has a job opening for someone to defend Earth from aliens

Mysterious Vanishings and Strange Deaths at Death Valley

Inside the Haunting Remains of a Secret WWII Bunker

Was Leonardo Da Vinci an Alien-


30,000-Year-Old Hidden Writing Found At Sacsayhuamán Temple Could Re-Write History :A discovery of this magnitude could easily re-write not only our understanding of the Stone Age but also world history. 

We got lucky! Monster sunspot AR2665 which faced Earth two weeks ago ejects a massive flare as big as the Carrington event and it's coming back 


King Tut's Wife May Be Buried in Newly Discovered Tomb

We may have cracked the mystery of Stonehenge

New Evidence for 'Planet 9'

'UFOs hiding the rings of Saturn' Former Nasa chief blows cover

The 'alien' mummies of Nazca

Mummy Congress Not Buying Peruvian 3-Fingered Mummies

'Angel particle’ which is both matter and anti-matter discovered in quantum physics breakthrough

Humans First Arrived in Australia 65,000 Years Ago, Study Suggests

Bodies of a husband and wife who vanished 75 years ago are found perfectly preserved

Chinese Scientists Just Set the Record for the Farthest Quantum Teleportation

Here's how scientists teleported the first object into space

Scientists Journey to the World's 'Lost' 8th Continent

explore origin of some UFO's, examine secret US military space program

Strange Siberian Mummies Found Bound in Copper

Mystery of the 5,000-year-old giants

'Mystery Creature' Washes Ashore in Malibu

Fisherman Catches Bass and Finds a Mole in its Mouth!

Japan Aims to Put Man on the Moon

Mutant Fish Concerns SC Residents

Rocks Rain Down on Village in India

Odd Object Photographed on Mars

'Mystery Smell' Baffles British County

Over 150 Sheep Killed by 'Mystery Creature' in India

Did Life on Earth Come From Outer Space-

NASA rover spots 'alien thigh bone' on Mars

Beyond Cannibalism- The True Story of the Donner Party

The Future of Deep Space Propulsion May Soon Be Radically Altered

Tower of human skulls found by archaeologists in Mexico

UFO files reveal Cold War spy plane crew's terrifying encounter

Investigating the Mysterious Nazca Mummy

Orbiting supermassive black holes discovered


The World's Oldest Known Temple Was Home to a ‘Skull Cult’

Hints of extra dimensions in gravitational waves-

300-Foot-Wide Ancient Altar Excavated in China

Waves Above the Earth May Have Once Caused a 'Nocturnal Sun'

Huge extinction event more than 2 million years ago wiped out a third of Earth's largest marine animals

Praying Mantis Eats Hummingbird

Planet 10- Another Earth-Size World May Lurk in the Outer Solar System

Millions of mysterious 'sea pickles' swamp US west coast

Stephen Hawking working on spacecraft that could reach 'Second Earth' in 20 years

More than 460 earthquakes recorded so far in Yellowstone Park swarm

The Majestic 12 Documents Are Back…


Bizarre Black Holes Revealed by New Space-Time Ripples

Thirteen Cows Mysteriously Jump Off a Cliff in Switzerland

Long-lost ancient temple discovered in China

NASA Can't Explain What Made This Strange, Deep Hole on Mars

Giant prehistoric sloth unearthed in LA metro

Mars was Earth-like for over 700,000 years

UFO sightings in Somerset, UK

Deputy Sheriff Charles Fogus- 'They were hauling a big creature'

23 mummies found in a crypt under a church in Lithuania

NASA officially announces mission to the Sun

Mystery bang jolts Tauranga awake

DNA from ancient Egyptian mummies reveals their ancestry

Mystery of the Flickering Red Lights in the White House Grips the Internet

Chased by Robots from a UFO


Video- Revolting Blob Washes Ashore in Indonesia

Locals puzzled after massive sea creature washes up on beach

Revealed- Incredible 110 million-year-old 'four-legged tank' dinosaur fossil that's so well preserved it looks like a STATUE

'Ancient Tank' Spotted on the Moon

Chupacabra Attacking Animals in Mexico-

Banshee Photographed in India-

'River Monster' Spotted in Maine

Watch- Daring Golfer Startles Giant Python

Black Eyed Kid Caught on Tape-

'Nessie' Filmed Near Passing Boat

'Tattooed' Fish Found in Philippines

Vanished Irish Beach Reappears After 33 Years

Deer Seen Eating Human Flesh for the First Time

Trail Cam 'Ghost Girl' Case Solved

'Mystery Creature' Filmed in the River Thames

Lightning Kills 32 Cows in Missouri!


Alien Listening Project Picks Up 11 Unusual Signals

Long-Necked 'Viper' Dino Is the Earliest Titanosaur on Record

A Rare Journey Into the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a Super-Bunker That Can Survive Anything

The Truth Is Out There, and the Feds Paid to Find It

Mysterious Moving Rocks in the Desert Stumped Scientists for 70 Years

Are Crop Circles Messages From Future Humans-

Tales of the Burbank Bat Light

508-Million Year-Old Sea Crature Had 50 Legs and Giant Claws

'Death Star' Laser Actually Works

Time travel is 'possible' — mathematically anyway

UFO hunter claims 'artificial underground passageway' hidden on the moon has been discovered

Humans lived in North America 130,000 years ago, study claims

DNA of prehistoric humans found in caves

British military interested in 'Iron Man' flying suit

Surgeon plans human head transplant, revival of frozen brain

Aliens may have existed in our solar system long before us


NASA administrator suspended after claims of “imminent alien invasion

Anomaly Hunters Spot 'Tree Stump' on Mars

'Prior Indigenous Technological Species

Stone Carvings Indicate Comet Struck Earth in 10,950BC

Water Flowing In Antarctica Worries Scientists

A Near-Earth Orbit Traffic Jam Is Looming

Secret Chamber Reveals Hidden Tomb of Five Archbishops

Ancient Native American City Found in Kansas

Cracking Antarctic Ice Shelf Set to Birth New Iceberg

Untangling the Ancient Inca Code of Strings

Egypt unearths 8 mummies in 3,500-year-old tombs

Thomas Edison's Ghost Machine

Mongolian Mummy Found Wearing 'Adidas' Boots

The Mysterious Clay Figures of the Woodbridge Clay Pits

Britain has become an alien hotspot

What was that flashing light in San Diego-

Tom DeLonge on Why UFO Research Just Might Save Mankind

Group to Research Mysterious Little People of Alaska

These May Be the Deepest Traces of Life on Earth

Volcanic minerals behind mystery elephantiasis outbreak in Uganda

Mysterious Arizona Hole Mysteriously Filled By Government

NASA photographs mysterious circle on Mars

The Bizarre World of Real Time Machines

The Mysterious Death of the Man From Nowhere

Catfish falls from sky into Florida family's pool

In Poland’s Crooked Forest, a Mystery With No Straight Answer

Video Footage Of A Real Life Psychokentic In Action


What is this 2.5mile long object moving under the Pacific Ocean?



Strange 'Shadow Person' Appears in the Sky Over Zambia


Video - Three New Elongated Skulls Uncovered In Antarctica

Alien Remains in Antarctica? Three New Elongated Skulls Uncovered In Antarctica

The shocking claim mystery skulls 'found in Antarctica could be from aliens

Did the Smithsonian discover ALIEN skulls in Antarctica?

Proof NASA edits out UFOs? What Gary McKinnon found on 2-year hack spree


Theresa May saved my life – now she’s the only hope for the Human Rights Act Gary McKinnon

UFO Hacker’ Tells What He Found

Solar Warden - The Secret Space Program

Whistleblower reveals serving for 3 years on secret space fleet

Video- 5 Military Accidents That Were Kept Secret

Bigfoot Print Found in UK Forest-

Civil War Ghost Photographed in Virginia-

Two Dozen Rattlesnakes Found Lurking Under House in Texas

JPL 'UFO' Revealed

Fukushima Radiation Reaches Astounding Level

Watch- Massive Lava Stream Pours from Volcano in Hawaii

'Flying Saucer' Spotted at JPL

New Twist in the North Dakota '7-Mile-Long Bigfoot Trail' Case

Video- Snake Gets Stuck in Woman's Pierced Ear!

Giant Checkerboard Pattern Seen from Space

GoFundMe Campaign for ET Disclosure

Strange Creature Dubbed Human's 'Oldest Ancestor'

'Rapture Index' Tracks End Times Scenarios

Video- Enormous Crack Forms in Arizona Desert

Odd UFO Emerges from Volcano in Mexico

Video- 5 Fantastic Bigfoot Cases

'Mass Possession' Grips Jamaican School

Escaped Tiger Terrifies Italian Town

Cluster of UFOs Filmed at Mexican Border-

Astronomer Claims Approaching Asteroid is a Piece of Planet X!

Huge Hotel Plunges Into River

Odd UFO Event Occurs Over Austin

Happy Birthday, Opportunity Rover

Haunted PA Hotel Awarded Ouija Record

Watch- Train Smashes Fed Ex Truck

Saturn's Moon Resembles the 'Death Star'

Eerie Cloud Appears Over Mexico

Video- 5 Strange Celebrity Deaths

UK Man Says Google Maps Caught Him Fighting an Alien!

Game Camera Photographs Tasmanian Tiger-

Watch- Drone Films Haunted Hall

Watch- Gator Leap Terrifies Tourists

'Shelled' Caterpillar Found in Peru

Watch- Ghostly Incident Surprises Paranormal Researchers

Study Muddles Tunguska Mystery

Roswell Saucer Thief Receives Harsh Punishment

Accomplished Exorcist Says the Devil Fears Him!

Experts Sent to Study Mysterious Canadian 'Ping'

CIA Posts Huge Cache of RV Files


Mystery flashing lights speed past International Space Station

Woman reveals what it's like to sleep with male sex doll...
Indistinguishable from real one

North Dakota Man Says He Tracked Bigfoot for Seven Miles!

Bigfoot Photographed in Northern Ireland-

Nanny Cam Captures Eerie Activity

Fantastic Photo Conjures Chemtrail Concerns

Mountain Lion Mystery Still Lingers

Zombie Prank Irks Ohio Officials

Promising New Theory for 'Alien Megastructure' Star Proposed

Chilean 'UFO' Mystery Unravels

'Alien Hand' Found in Peru

Watch- Chilean Government Releases Baffling UFO Footage


The Black Knight Satellite:

Sentinel From Space Has the Earth been visited by a satellite from an ancient alien civilization?

Legendary Black Knight 'alien satellite' captured passing ISS AND Moon

The Truth About the Black Knight Satellite Mystery

Mountain Lion Mystery Still Lingers

China's 'Horse Deer' Caught on Film

Promising New Theory for 'Alien Megastructure' Star Proposed

Chilean 'UFO' Mystery Unravels

Watch- Chilean Government Releases Baffling UFO Footage

'Alien Hand' Found in Peru

'Ghost Prince' Photographed at Tower of London-

Demon Photographed in Arizona-


Former World Bank Senior: Aliens With Elongated Skulls Are Behind Money and Religion

"Homo Capensis": Coneheads, the hidden controllers of humanity ?

Homo Capensis, Big-Brain Conehead hominid

Mysterious Elongated Skulls Throughout the World

Video: Karen Hudes exposes the Global Puppet Masters And Coneheads

The entire earth was mapped during the last ice age by an unknown mysterious civilization.

Watch- Chilean Government Releases Baffling UFO Footage
An official Chilean government agency aimed at studying UFOs has released an incredible nine

Bizarre Vanishings and Mysteries of Pecos, New Mexico

Strange Three-Fingered Alien-Looking Hand Found in Peru

Why Newton Believed a Comet Caused Noah's Flood

The terrifying power of mega tsunamis

Earthquake swarm rocks New Year's Eve in California town

Star Wars 'Blaster Noise' Heard In The Skies Over Sweden


Massive ‘anomaly’ lurks beneath ice in Antarctica

Mysterious 'pyramid' is buried in the icy wastes of Antarctica - The Sun

Vatican In Bed W/ NASA: Mt. Graham Lucifer Observatory

What the devil? Scientists tap power of 'Lucifer'

16 of the Weirdest Stories from 2016

Earth to Call ETs Soon

The Coolest & Craziest 'Creature' Sightings of 2016

The Many 'Solved' & Unsolved Mystery Stories of 2016

Is there a PYRAMID in the Antarctic

Bizarre 'UFO' Rock Found in China

Man Demands Refund Following 'Failed Exorcism'

C2C's Six Spookiest Ghost Stories of 2016

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New Details Emerge on Conspiracy Theorist's Mysterious Death

The lost city of Antarctica- Massive ancient civilization lies frozen under ice-

Mystery Booms Baffle Maryland Town

UFO Buzzes South African Airliner

Roswellians Report ET Abductions

Unexpected Asteroids Remain Looming Concern

UFO Spotted on Lunar Live Stream-

Dowsing Dad Finds Ice Age Animal

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NASA Scientist Says Earth is Due for an

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Self-Healing Nano Spacecraft


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WikiLeaks- Clinton Met With Astronaut To Talk 'Alien Disclosure'

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UFO expert found dead days after cryptic text

Conspiracy theorist, 39, is found dead on a sofa in Poland just days after texting his mother to say- 'If anything happens to me, investigate' 

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ExoMars spacecraft is nearing its destination

Explorer says he's found legendary pirate ship's treasure off Cape Cod


The real-life X Files- UFOs, flying saucers and the woman from Venus

Russia's secret UFO files- Soviet Union waged Cold War conflict with aliens

Will the US unleash an army of killer robots-

A powerful generation of 'X-Men' superhumans will be here in less than 100 years, claims expert

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Oldest hotel in Texas haunted by ghosts of past guests

The Not-Quite Incorruptible St. Bernadette of Lourdes

These Colorful Propaganda Maps Fueled 20th-Century Wars

7 Not-So-Secret Homes of Super Secret Societies

Supernormal Abilities Developed Through Meditation

Medicinal Herb or Myth- Indian Official Proposes Hunt for Sanjivani of Lore

Psychics help psychiatrists understand the voices of psychosis

Artist's Bizarre Octopus Hoax Fools Tourists

The 'Jedi mind trick' that could make quantum computing a reality

NASA footage shows mysterious flying saucer UFO

Tech giants team up to form AI ethics board

The dinosaur footprint as big as a man

Rosetta is destroyed in comet crash-landing

Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises

DIY 'garage' scientists could unleash genetically-edited organisms into wild, warn experts

Ancient Roman coins found in ruined Japanese castle

Mark A. Hall, Cryptozoologist and Fortean, Dies

Reykjavik Briefly Swaps Its City Lights for Northern Ones

He Wants to Inject Your Bloodstream With Healing Nanobots

Strange reptile fossil puzzles scientists

5,000-Year-Old Swirling Rock Art in Scotland Remains a Mystery

An Atlas of a Billion Stars

Flesh Falls & Blood Rains

SpaceX Wants to Go to Mars. Here’s Why Humans Aren’t There Yet

Antiques shop appears to be haunted by a poltergeist as items fly off shelves

Neanderthals Fashioned 'Jewelry' Out of Animal Teeth and Shells

Five Chilling Creepypastas Involving Deadly Occult Rituals

Proteins from 'deep time' found in ostrich eggshell

Europa moon 'spewing water jets'

10 Mysterious Human Populations

Tenacious Toronto Star journalist Bob Mitchell, 63, remembered as ‘pitbull’

World's Largest Single-Dish 'Alien Hunter' Is Online

Is Science Becoming Unreliable-

Mysterious TV Transmissions

Viral video shows man attacked by python while taking a selfie

Iconic Death Valley Landmark Vandalized

Australia Is Drifting So Fast GPS Can't Keep Up

Campaign To Reissue Golden Record Carried on Voyager Spacecraft

Pluto May Have an Internal Ocean Below Its Surface

Massive New Hangar Completed at Area 51

Missing Mormon Missionary May Be Kim Jong-Un's English Teacher

Vampire In British Cemetery-

Stephen Hawking warns we should 'be wary' about answering alien signals

'Marsquakes' Could Give Alien Life a Boost

6 Dark Places Aleister Crowley Performed His Particular Brand of Magick

'Alien megastructure' star may be explained by interstellar junk

Earth Wobbles May Have Driven Ancient Humans Out of Africa

Computers Decipher Burnt Scroll Found in Ancient Holy Ark

The Medical Mystery of Hair That Whitens Overnight

We Talked To One of the Creepy Clowns Currently Terrorizing the South

The many eerie cases of 'shared delusion' after the Tromp family's bizarre meltdown

First-Ever Binary Alien Planets Possibly Found

Laser Scans Unveil a Network of Ancient Cities in Cambodia

Dead Star 'Echos' Light Up Killer Black Holes' Dust

'Tunnel vision' doesn't begin to describe this woman's sight

Could Massive White Cliffs Be Forming Beneath Antarctica's Ocean-

Mayan Calendar Similar to Ancient Chinese- Early Contact-

'Well-preserved' rare mammoth skull unearthed in Channel Islands puzzles scientists

Huge Mars Lakes Formed Much More Recently Than Thought

Was This Masterpiece Painted With Ground Mummy-

Listen to the Surprisingly Goofy Voice of a Neanderthal

Astronomers Are Baffled By Strange New Twin Planets


World's Largest Pyramid Inside a Mountain in Mexico

Conspiracy theorists claim aliens sabotaged SpaceX launch

Genesis Project- Should we 'gift' the cosmos with life-

Giant 'UFO' appears over village in Malaysia

Physics Confronts Its Heart of Darkness

Aliens May Be Closer to Us Than We Suspect

Strange Creature Report From the Early 20th Century

Is There A Plan for Alien Contact-

An Asteroid Just Missed Earth And No One Saw It Coming

The Maya Were Tracking the Planets Long Before Copernicus 

Nine Incredible Meteroite Craters Around the World

Nine Incredible Meteroite Craters Around the World

Has the Earth Entered a New Geological Age-

Did a UFO Cause an Engine Blowout on Southwest Airlines Flight-

Bizarre Tales of the Almost Vanished

3.7-Billion-Year-Old Rock May Hold Earth's Oldest Fossils

Jurassic 'Sea Monster' Emerges From Scottish Loch

Haunted Pub's Owner Wants Stolen Ghost Returned

Dead Sea Transforms Deathly Dress Into Salt-Encrusted Jewel

Rare Glimpse Inside The Infamous Warren Occult Museum

Bigfoot, minus a foot, has new home in Middlesboro museum

NASA satellite captures rare double eclipse of the sun by moon and earth

'Impossible engine' set for space test

'Fireball' reported blazing across Pacific Northwest sky

Military is trying to build its own hoverbike

Great Fire of London retold with wooden replica blaze

Philae Lander's Grave on Comet Found at Last After Nearly 2-Year Search


Catholic Church Lifts Veil For 'EXORCIST'...
Possessed People 'Allow Demon Inside'...
Proliferating in USA

Melting ice sheet may unearth buried mysteries

Strange Minerals From Siberian Mine Are Unlike Anything Found in Nature

Tomb and Skeleton Unearthed, Offering New Evidence of the Ancient Snake Dynasty

Peek Into Tiny Crime Scenes Built by an Obsessed Millionaire

I went to the world’s largest gathering of identical twins. I left jealous

Freaky 43-Foot Mechanical Spider Dances in France

On Volcano Moon Io, it Snows Sulfur Every Day

The Truly Bizarre Unexplained Death of Elisa Lam

Aliens on the mind- Roswell and the UFO phenomenon

Lizzie Borden- Why a 19th-Century Axe Murder Still Fascinates Us

Cops chase UFO in bizarre low-speed pursuit

The FDA just greenlit releasing mutant Zika-killing mosquitoes in Florida

Video- A robot that can sing by itself and other technology news

'Smart clothes' of future will auction themselves on eBay if they are not worn

T-1000 shape-shifting metal becomes a reality

This company has built a profile on every American adult

New particle hopes fade as LHC data 'bump' disappears

105-year-old orca still swimming in the Pacific

Warehouse workers watch loading trolley move by itself in spooky footage

Could black holes be 'doors' through space-

Tightly Packed Alien System's Planets Align Every Month

Found- Secret, Illicit Tunnels in an Oregon Park

Scary Monsters & Super Creeps- Ten Terrifying Creepypasta Creatures

Florida Company Gets One Bureaucratic Step Closer To Landing On The Moon

Scientists Found Mysterious Beaked Whale Species Resembling a Japanese Legend

In 250 million years Earth might only have one continent

A Day in the Life of a Funeral Director

Vanished into Thin Air at the Great Smoky Mountains

How Worried Should We Be About A Huge Asteroid Hitting Earth-

Aurora Alert! Watch Now for Northern Lights


Why NASA still believes we might find life on Mars

Will you live to have a holographic PA and ride in a self driving car-

Mammoth cloning attempt in 'initial stages'

Man tells of encounter with the Tlicho sasquatch following boat accident

Tens of millions spent on huge project to change the weather

Mysterious purple sea orb stymies scientists

Cheese discovered in 340-year-old shipwreck

33 earthquakes in 30 days – the town that won’t stop trembling

Have sea creatures been spotted on Mars-

'Blood Lake' Blooms in Iran

Do these strange Martian rocks hint at life on the Red Planet-

The mystery of why you can't remember being a baby

Meteor Over Western US Was Reentering Chinese Rocket

Watch This Livestream Of A Corpse Flower Blooming

Death Spiral- 4th Phase of Life May Signal the End Is Near

Jupiter’s Red Spot Churns Out Air Hotter Than Lava

Bigfoot stars in pedestrian safety PSA

Archaeologists Make Surprise Find Under Mayan Temple

Could ice volcanoes explain Ceres' missing craters- Dwarf planet puzzles scientists

Superhuman Tech- Most Americans Fear the Worst

Bizarre Cases of Real-Life Time Travelers

The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times

Is this the world's tallest dog- 7-foot Great Dane is so big he sleeps on an adult sized mattress

Mysterious Green Foam Spews from Drain in Utah

Mysterious Vanishings at the Nevada Triangle

Beast of Dartmoor mystery solved after circus owner Mary Chipperfield 'set three Pumas free in 1970s'

See the Hellscape Created by the Raging Sand Fire

Scientists May Need to Consider Beliefs and Feelings

Cowboys and Dinosaurs

How Can We Know Ourselves-

What If The Moon Disappeared Tomorrow-

Five Places Aliens Might Be Hiding In Our Solar System

Tiger caught on video attacking woman at China wildlife park

Da Vinci's scribbles reveal hidden knowledge

1 year warning may precede catastrophic volcanic eruptions

7-Eleven drone delivers Slurpees

Snowden's iPhone case thwarts government spies

Will US soldiers soon be riding jet powered hoverboards into battle-

Giant 'megathrust' fault discovered

Chinese scientists plan first human test with gene editing tool

What was that explosion- A meteor, it turns out

With no males, these butterflies are evolving into separate species

Scientists achieve atom-sized data storage

Super-hard metal 'four times tougher than titanium'

New Hubble Picture Reveals a Warped View of Galaxies

Mysterious Dark Matter Remains Maddeningly Elusive

Hubble Gets First Peek at Atmospheres of Rocky Alien Planets

Woman Receives Phone Message From Ghost That Haunted Childhood Home


Huge $100m life-size Noah's Ark prepares to open as Kentucky's newest tourist attraction

Plants Grown in Mars Conditions Safe to Eat

Navy Sets Sights on Railgun Technology

Flying Chupacabras Reports

Star of New Movie is Prince Charles'

An MIT algorithm predicts the future by watching TV

Rolls Royce reveals remote controlled 'roboships' will take to the sea by 2020

Central USA preparing for mega earthquake that could kill tens of thousands of people

Russian robot escapes, causes traffic jam

Star Trek-style teleportation a reality within 20 years

Weird and Frightening Knight's Helmets

How Important Is Materialism in the Search For UFOs-

Nearly 100 Ancient Manuscripts Discovered in Afghan Cave

Satellite Watchers Locate America's Latest Space Secret

Could Aliens Be Talking to Us With Lasers-

Hunters Startled by Bigfoot Creatures

Plans For 2.6 Mach Nazi Fighter That Ran On Coal

Bizarre, Long-Headed Woman from Ancient Kingdom Revealed

Mystery of the bent trees

Magnets Could Clean Up Oil Spills

12,000 Years Ago, Humans and Climate Change Made a Deadly Team


$10,000 Reward To Solve A Roswell Mystery

Could Aliens Be Talking to Us With Lasers-

Plane Completes Risky Journey To South Pole

Hunters Startled by Bigfoot Creatures

Plans For 2.6 Mach Nazi Fighter That Ran On Coal

Bizarre, Long-Headed Woman from Ancient Kingdom Revealed

Mystery of the bent trees

Magnets Could Clean Up Oil Spills

Mysteries, Madness, and Vanishings at China's Cursed Lake

Venus' electric wind stripped its atmosphere of water

Venus' electric wind stripped its atmosphere of water

Rare Newborn Planet May Be the Youngest Ever Detected

Funeral business dissolves the dead, pours them into town sewers

12,000 Years Ago, Humans and Climate Change Made a Deadly Team

The Real Lady Ghostbusters

Climate Change Just Opened a 'Gateway to the Underworld' in Siberia

Man dies in cinema while watching The Conjuring 2 – and body goes missing

There’s a Huge UFO Archive Hiding in These Swedish Apartment Cellars

Are snaps taken by mechanic in 1953 the best 'UFOs' ever caught on camera-

Heave-Ho! Stonehenge Experiment May Show How Monument Was Built

Patients greeted by robot at Belgian hospital

Gravitational waves detected a second time

'Possessed' girl's 'evil smile' while being told she's dead in chilling exorcism video

Watching Mars' amazing global dust storms

Can an algorithm predict terror attacks-

Woman is stalked by a wolf for over 12 hours

Doomsday coming- Full moon before summer solstice 'could spark madness and mass shootings'

Killer robots are 'quickly moving toward reality', expert warns

NASA unveils plans for electric-powered plane

Ancient, still-edible chunk of butter unearthed in Irish bog


Why did the Knights Templar live so long-

Google's bipedal robot reveals the future of manual labor

The North Pole is on its way to London

Crewless 'drone ships' will be sailing the seas by 2020

Castaways rescued after spelling out ‘HELP’ in palm fronds

Radical breakthrough stores digital pictures in DNA for first time

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket nails ocean landing

Train track illusion is baffling the Internet

The very real pain of 'imaginary' illnesses

How Microsoft conjured up real-life 'Star Wars' holograms

Scientists Nuke a Fake Comet to Create Ingredients for Life

When Is the Singularity- Probably Not in Your Lifetime

What Ever Happened to Planet Vulcan-

I Put on a Robotic Suit and Aged 50 Years

When Is It Okay To Dig Up The Dead-

Supermassive Black Holes Could Be Everywhere

Is it the Dirty 30s- Wall of dust invades the OK & TX Panhandles

Mysterious Plain of Jars Site Holds Human Remains

Exploding stars left recent, radioactive mark on Earth

Could 'Planet Nine' Lead to Earth's Destruction-

Australia's 'Flying Doctors'

Project to drill into 'dinosaur crater' gets under way

Isaac Newton's Lost Alchemy Recipe Rediscovered

How Police Failed to Find America's First Serial Killer

Hunters kill enormous 800-pound alligator that was feasting on farm cattle

Curse Tablets Discovered in 2,400-Year-Old Grave


Holes in the sun are threatening to throw birds, GPS off course

King Tut's tomb scans remain inconclusive

Forget Tatooine, this exoplanet has three suns

A computer could soon tell you when you're going to die

'Laser Cloak' Could Hide Earth from Evil Aliens

Discovery Could Rewrite History of Vikings in New World

Exorcism is making a comeback

Strange baby faces popping up around Denver

Did Modern Humans Wipe Out the 'Hobbits'-

Could Some 'Ghost Lights' be Linked to Mystery Booms-

Weird, Oozing Super-Earth Planet Has Hot Nights, Even Hotter Days

150 years of misfortune in Griffith Park- A curse, ghosts and, now, an unknown woman's skull

Creepy New Fossil Shows the Dawn of Spiders

'Siberian Unicorn' Existed Much More Recently Than Thought

Amateur Astronomer Captures Mystery Object Crashing Into Jupiter

Oklahoma Is Now as Much of an Earthquake Risk as California

Asteroid barrage may have birthed a short-lived ocean on Mars

Realistic Robot Lady Cheerfully Agrees To Destroy Humans

Robots are coming for your job

Jeff Bezos' space company launches and successfully lands rocket

Surgeons save man's hand from amputation by sewing it into his belly

Promising lab-grown skin sprouts hair and grows glands

Crossing over- how science is redefining life and death

What is it like to be dead-


Video of Crazed 'Werewolf' Man From Czech Republic

Arizona Rancher Struggles with Cattle Mutilations

Real-Life 'Death Star' Continues to Destroy Alien Worlds

Suspect Arrested at White House Says 'Martians' Made Him Do It

Ghost Marriages with 'Corpse Brides' on the Rise in China

Scientist Grows Dinosaur Leg on a Chicken Embryo In Bizarre 'Reverse Evolution' Experiment

Russia Thinks It Can Use Nukes to Fly to Mars in 45 Days

Return of the Devil- Exorcism's Comeback in the Catholic Church

Eerie Photos of Fukushima's Ghost Towns

How Nancy Reagan Became Forever Linked with Astrology

Trails of ghosts- images of subatomic particles

Creatures in the Crop Circles

A Demon Ate the Sun- How Solar Eclipses Inspired Superstition

The Mystery of the Ghostly Stain in the Attic of the Athens Lunatic Asylum


The Black Knight Satellite- An Alien Spy Satellite Watching Over Mankind-

Lost tapes reveal Apollo astronauts heard unexplained 'music' on far side of the Moon

Why Did Ancient Europeans Just Disappear 14,500 Years Ago-

UFOs- Food For Thought (Or Food For ETs)

Total Solar Eclipse for Indonesia and the Pacific- Where to See It

MagLev Tires Roll Sideways Into the Future

Life on Mars discovery closer than ever as mission prepares for blast off

Real-life ghostbusters claim to talk to spirits at asylum

Terrier reacts to Boston Dynamics' robot dog

Armed drones and military robots have 'limitless potential for disaster'

The 'sea-nomad' children who see like dolphins

'Aliens are controlling the sun'

'Exploding teeth' case continues to perplex

Oldest chameleon found in amber

Cyber kidnappers after your data

Scientists attempt to clone Ice Age lion cubs from 12,000-year-old remains

What the Deepest Spot in the Ocean Sounds Like

The Enigmatic Art of America's Secret Societies

Amazing Mummies- King Tut's Great Grandparents

With artificial 'octopus skin,' robots can bend and stretch while changing color

Repeating fast radio bursts found coming from outside our galaxy


Mysterious lights spotted in Arizona skies

UPDATE- Mysterious nocturnal noise freaks out Oregon town...
Experts baffled

The Day Tesla Died- Why The True Extent of Tesla's Genius Remains Unknown

Extinct glyptodonts really were gigantic armadillos, ancient DNA shows

Underground plant hides from the sun and parasitises fungi

What UFOs Mean for Why People Don't Trust Science

Odd Reports Detail Massive


Ghostly monk filmed at old abandoned church

Flying cars are just two years away

Is this a demon turning the pages of a scorched Bible-

$5 million prize for A.I.-Human collaboration

Corpse 'comes back to life' an hour after being pronounced deceased

Stunning Photo Reveals Galaxy With Supermassive Black Hole

'Hairy panic' tumbleweed invades Australia town

The People Who Believe Electricity Rules the Universe

The new mind control

Psychics Reveal Who Scalia's Replacement Will Be

It Looks Like Someone Left a Gun on Mars

What Do Dogs Dream About-

Galileo, Dante Alighieri, and how to calculate the dimensions of hell

Hubble Studies 'Super-Earth' Atmosphere for First Time

How many people does it take to keep a conspiracy alive-

Cancer researchers claim 'extraordinary results' using T-cell therapy

An Asteroid Will Come Close to Earth-- But How Close-

Scientists Discover a Boiling River of Amazonian Legend

NASA Maps Geology of Pluto's 'Heart'

Doctors 3D-print 'living' body parts

Hold Up, Did We Just Crack Time Travel-

Puppy Shoots Man


New Nazca Lines Discovered In Peru

Apollo 11 Crew Graffiti Discovered

A Metal That Acts Like Water

150,000 Penguins Die On Stranded Iceberg

"Brain Prints" May Replace Fingerprints

Ants Punch Speed Fastest on Earth

The Dark Origins Of Valentine's Day

Your TV Is Listening- Samsung Warns Customers About Smart TV

An Eerie and Disturbing Polergeist Case From Spain

Mysterious Graves Discovered at Ancient European Cemetery


Scientists preserve and revive brain...
Step closer to eternal life

'Mini-brains' to revolutionize drug research-

Your TV Is Listening- Samsung Warns Customers About Smart TV

The U.S. Government Admits it will use Smart Home Devices for Spying

What the Earth will be like in 10,000 years, according to Scientists

An Eerie and Disturbing Polergeist Case From Spain

Comet Lander Philae Likely Lost Forever

The Mummy Girl From Italy

The Man Who Dissected His Own Brain

Homes and trees are entombed in ice in Pennsylvania after water main bursts

Mysterious Graves Discovered at Ancient European Cemetery

"Wormlike" Object Spotted on Martian Sand Dune

Curse of the Ice Mummy

Einstein writings show theory 100 years ahead of time

Stranded 'Alien Being' pleads with UFO Investigators for help

Have Gravitational Waves Finally Been Spotted-

Argentina's annual Alien Festival kicks off at international UFO site

This Week’s Night Sky- A Meteor Shower and Dancing Giant Worlds

125-year mini ice age linked to the plague and fall of empires

Could You Stomach the Horrors of 'Halftime' in Ancient Rome-

Mysterious People Who Appeared from Nowhere

Neuroscientists battling to preserve a human brain... so it can be brought it back to life

World's tallest skyscraper will be a mile high

Zika raises the question- Are mosquitoes necessary-

Is this finally proof that the yeti is real-

Taxi drivers in Japan report 'ghost passengers' in tsunami-ravaged area

Cluster of UFOs filmed over Russian capital

Will artificial intelligence mean the rich get even richer-

Mysterious Martian 'Cauliflower' May Be the Latest Hint of Alien Life

Does Bigfoot live in the mountains surrounding Pocatello-

Does this bizarre photo show evidence of time travel-

In a Slovenian Cave, Hoping for a Batch of Baby ‘Dragons’


'Finding Bigfoot' Team Still Can't Find Bigfoot

Huge Jupiter-Like Storm Rages On Cool 'Failed Star'

Lost Tomb of 'Suleiman the Magnificent' Possibly Unearthed

The 'mystery UFO orbs seen and filmed stalking homes across the globe

Angkor Wat Yields Astounding Buried Towers & Spiral Structure

Engrossing Portraits of Parasites and the Creatures They Zombify

New Triceratops Cousin Had a Gnarly, Bumpy Skull

Embalmed Hearts Found Under French Convent

Secrets of Vampire Stars Revealed in Hubble Telescope Data

The Haunted Amusement Park of Shawnee Lake

The geography of Antarctica's underside

Someone Will Eventually Use CRISPR to Try to Make a Dragon or Unicorn



5 Reasons Gene Editing Is Both Terrific and Terrifying

A Life Size 3D Sasquatch Skeleton Shines Light on Sasquatch Posture

New Discovery Solves One Mystery of Stonehenge's Construction

Superbug known as 'phantom menace' on the rise in U.S

The sun could spew out huge superflares and put life on Earth in danger

Biblical King's seal discovered in dump site


Giant 7-Foot to 8-Foot Skeletons Uncovered in Ecuador Sent for Scientific Testing

Rover Finds Mysterious Dome on Mars

Dancing UFOs Hula Over Honolulu

Looking back 3.8 billion years into the root of the 'Tree of Life'

Young woman 'possessed by demon' dies after 'exorcism' performed by family at local church

Italians Try to Rid Themselves of a Royal Ghost

Glastonbury myths 'made up by 12th-century monks'

Bizarre Ancient Sea Creature Was Well-Armed for Feeding

Could missing man from Grayling, Mich. be D.B. Cooper-

See the invisible wireless signals around you with this augmented reality app

Another danger of climate change- Giant flying boulders-

Dog 'walks 200 miles to find woman who nursed her back to health after hit-and-run accident'

China joins hunt for extra-terrestrials with FAST - the world's biggest-ever telescope

King Tut's tomb- Researchers now 90% sure it contains hidden chambers

Taking a Closer Look at Alpha Centauri's Exoplanets

Scientists Link Moon's Tilt and Earth's Gold

The Search for Queen Nefertiti Enters a New Phase

Annabelle Lee, and the Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Ancient 'Mud Dragon' Worm Had Spiky Coat of Armor

Silicon Valley professionals are taking LSD at work to increase productivity


'Zombie' disease makes people think they have died

NASA live cam cuts after locking on to mystery glowing orb

Fireball lights up sky over Bangkok

2 degrees, flies planes, author, works at NASA. His age- 17


This man builds luxury bomb shelters for the billionaires afraid of doomsday

Hubble's Jupiter Maps Reveal Weird Structures

Earth's Gravitational Pull Cracks Open the Moon

5 Gruesome Real-Life Murders That Inspired Spooky Ghost Stories

UFOs Seen at Air Shows and Flying with Military Aircraft

Conspiracy theory that the Rothschilds sank the Titanic to set up the Federal Reserve

Is 'The Day After Tomorrow' Scenario Possible-

The Old Hag- Terrifying 'Ghost Photo' Captured at Texas' Fort Worth Museum

Putting Astronauts on Mars- NASA Lays Out Three-Phase Plan

Are shipping containers really the future of housing-

What Happened to Hilton's 'Hotel on the Moon-'

The Nazi Ghosthunters

Ancient Mars Had Long-Lasting Lakes, Boosting Chances for Life

Pigs Unearth Hunter-Gatherer Civilization

These Mysterious Blazing-Fast Ripples Racing Around a Star Defy Explanation

The Silver Arrow, the Real Ghost Train Haunting the Stockholm Metro

All the best apocalypses- a retrospective from the end of the Universe

Possible Ancient Chinese Disk Strangely Found in a Kentucky Garden


CA Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry -- Overnight

Residents near California lake face stench of thousands of rotting fish carcasses after water mysteriously drains overnight

Super Soldier Clones Escape To U.K. And Cause Mahem.

Full Video






New Booms Over Britain and British Columbia

UFO sighting 2015- Giant stone disc found in Russia; is it alien object from space-

SETI's top alien expert says humans not clever enough to read ET messages

The disturbing 'killer' clown videos that will give you nightmares

MYSTERY- Researchers unable to identify flying object filmed over NYC

Archaeologists discover a Pre-Roman era tomb in perfect condition at Pompeii

The Earth is flat and 'they' don’t want you to know

Invisibility cloak turns any object into a mirror

IVF embryos to be genetically manipulated

Historical Crop Circles, Before People Knew What 'Crop Circles' Were

16 Pyramids Discovered in Ancient Cemetery

Two Meteors Hit Ancient Earth at Same Time


Historical Crop Circles, Before People Knew What 'Crop Circles' Were

The challenges of building a hypersonic airliner

16 Pyramids Discovered in Ancient Cemetery


Mysterious Iridescent 'End of Times' Cloud Spotted in Costa Rica

Giant Telescope Will Search For Aliens

Creepy Surprise- Medieval Skeleton Discovered Under Uprooted Tree

About That Pterodactyl Footage

Drones Are the New UFOs

Meet the Man Who Gives Ancient Human Ancestors Their Faces

The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults

Liverpool, England Has a Mysterious Network of Tunnels

The Ghost That Screamed

Men in Black … Cloaks

Researchers erase memories in mice with a beam of light

10 Historical People Who Were Real-Life Magicians

Stonehenge Myths and Conspiracies

There WAS life on Mars but 'catastrophic' event wiped it out, scientist says


60,000 Antelopes Died in 4 Days — And No One Knows Why

Where Are New Images of 'Bright Spots' on Ceres from Lower 915-Mile-Orbit-

Kestrel Mummy Hints at Raptor Breeding in Ancient Egypt

Take a look- Three Category 4 hurricanes raging at once

'Gray Swan' Hurricanes Could Strike Unexpected Places

Sudden and Unexplained- The Sleep Deaths that Inspired Freddy Krueger

The disturbing consequences of seeing your doppelganger

Mysterious Spider With Blood-Red Fangs Found in Australia

Sasquatch sighting! Maine police say Bigfoot artist painted mythical beast on public property

Kangaroo 'Zombies'- Why They Stand So Still

Top Ten American

The mystery of the 'alien plughole' on Mars

Antikythera divers seek mechanism remains


Will a head transplant actually happen-

'Oldest' message in a bottle found more than 108 years on

Archaeologists find Aztec sacrificial temple's main skull rack

'Ghost' photographed by hiker at remote suicide spot

What would happen if a massive solar storm hit the Earth-

Ghostly Particles from Outer Space Detected in Antarctica

A Troll in the Lost City of the Dead

The Cherry Creek Sightings remain a mystery after 50 years

London's sky pool will let the super-rich swim through the air

Warp speed could be a reality in the next 100 years

'Winged Monster' Rock Art Finally Deciphered

First almost fully-formed human brain grown in lab, researchers claim

'Eiffel Tower' Prominence Towers Over The Sun


Diamond UFO Over Volcano, Arrow Over Glasgow, Truck Over NY

Meet the five-year-old girl who can hypnotize creatures with the stroke of her hand

Was Sardinia home to the mythical civilization of Atlantis-

Ancient whistle language uses whole brain for long-distance chat

Watch Google's terrifying humanoid robot running through a forest

Breathtaking Auroras Leave Photographer Awestruck

German mass grave records prehistoric warfare

Inflatable 'space elevator' invented by scientists

Toxic Spill in Animas River Spawns Conspiracies

The Haunted Casinos of Las Vegas

Plague-infected squirrels found at Yosemite National Park campground

Rosetta films first images of comet as it passes close to sun

US admits it uses predictions, not data, to blacklist flyers

Another Skunk Ape spotted in Florida

Study- Apes may not be that far away from talking

'Spaghetti monster' filmed off Angolan coast

Tantalizing theory emerges after UFO sighting in lightning storm

Plane Said to Vanish, Reappear 10 Minutes Later- Time Slip-

Mystery Deepens- Matter and Antimatter Are Mirror Images


Vatican chief astronomer believes in UFOs and aliens

UFO Chases Cow on Farm in Chile

The timebomb under Yellowstone

Underwater 'Stonehenge' found off Sicily coast

Police suggest Florida killings linked to witches

Crab-like 'alien facehugger' in a cave is spotted on Mars in latest bizarre claim

War in Space May Be Closer Than Ever

Millions of gallons of waste turn Colorado river yellow

Lightning Can Warp Rocks at Their Core

How Megafires Are Remaking American Forests

Rogue drones becoming national nuisance

Elephant-Size Underwater Blob Mystifies Divers

Girl being treated for plague after trip to Yosemite

Mystery surrounds cryptic sword inscription

Record Algae Bloom Laced with Toxins is Flourishing in

New scary-looking fish species comes from the ocean's dark depths

The Ghost Infested Island of Lake Huron

The Curious Case of the Bog Bodies


Mysterious white balls seen flying over Japan

Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours To Prepare For Massive Solar Storm

'Ghosts' Most Likely to Be Males Who’ve Died Violently- Study

Ghost Hunt- Mansfield Reformatory

Apocalyptic scenes in Moscow as thunderstorm unleashes freak lightning on city

Creepy Clown Trespasses At Chicago Cemetery, In Dead Of Night

Rare Photos of Weird-Looking, Critically Endangered Monkey

Chinese woman trapped in escalator dies, but saves toddler son (Note- Video contains disturbing content)

Three scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated, professor claims

Have scientists found the key to eternal life-


Manitoba UFO sightings date back to 1792

Here's all the Pluto science from New Horizons so far

Let the Pluto conspiracy theories begin!

Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting 'new evidence' claim

Velociraptor's Cousin Flaunted Fabulous Feathers, Tiny Arms

The legend of Bat Boy

Peru's Nazca Lines Reveal Mysterious New Animal Images

The Wishing Machine Project

UFO Appears at Colima Volcano Just Days Before Eruption

Inside the bizarre site that claims to sell Russia's secrets

Large Hadron Collider discovers new pentaquark particle

5th-Century Mosaic Adorned with Elephants and Cupids

The Largest Beasts to Walk the Earth

Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories


Archaeologists Baffled By 2,000 Tiny Gold Spirals Discovered In Denmark

Owner of wine bar calls in paranormal experts after spotting 'ghostly figure'

The mystery of Dorothy's missing ruby slippers

Extinct Tasmanian tiger has been seen 'numerous times'

Welsh government responds in Klingon to UFO airport query

These Altered Images Show Photojournalism at Its Worst

Machines will 'end human race', top scientist warns

Pluto may reveal secret of Earth's creation

Secret German UFO files released

UFO sighting reports doubled in June

Why mind-reading is a science, not a magic trick

Enormous Black Hole Is Too Big for Its Galaxy

UFO Monitors ISS Cargo Delivery After Three Previous Failures

The Girl Who Smelled Pink

Carnivorous Plants Communicate with Bats

Bolivia's Bizarre Red-Orange Lake Is Spied From Space

New Horizons- Pluto map shows 'whale' of a feature

Rare Fossils of 400-Million-Year-Old Sea Creatures Uncovered

Mysterious Hot Smoking Sinkholes Open in Indian Village


MOD to release UK's top secret UFO 'X-Files'

New Zealand Becomes Home to Latest Wave of ‘Mystery Booms’

What to Expect From Aliens When We Make First Contact

Mystery Of Loch Ness UFO Photo Deepens

Rosetta Found Sinkholes on the Surface of Its Comet

Southern Lights Shimmer in Antarctica's Night Sky

Ghosthunters claim to have caught evidence of a ghostly child in haunted building

Ghost hunters find body at old hospital

US Military's Hypersonic Jet Could Fly 5 Times the Speed of Sound

Did NASA cut a live ISS stream when UFOs appeared-

Black 'flying saucer' captured flying over Stonehenge

South Carolina's Oldest, Creepiest Asylum Still Stands Today

Amelia Earhart 'captured by the Japanese and the U.S. government knew'

Python Eats Porcupine, Regrets It Later


NASA accused of cutting live feed as 'UFOs' fly past Earth

Mystery object lights up sky in Atlanta

PROF- Threat from AI not just fantasy...
Machines will 'destroy us all'

Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy With Its Programmer


Perhaps the world's conspiracy theorists have been right all along

Serpo, Saucers, Spooks, and Sci-Fi

Is this 'UFO' on the moon proof of a secret spy plane the US won't admit it developed-

Mars-like extrasolar planet discovered

'No aliens in Area 51' says NASA head

Yes, we are in the early stages of a mass extinction

Millions of red tuna crabs wash up on California beaches

Facebook's new AI can paint

Tales from the eBay Crypt

Red Planet, Icy World- New Picture of Ancient Mars Emerges

DNA analysis reignites fierce debate over fate of 9,000-year-old skeleton

Abducted by aliens- Neurologist finds similarities in alleged victims

Chart- The animals that are most likely to kill you this summer

Alien Planet Is Smaller Than Earth and Surprisingly Light

A Map That May Have Led Columbus To America Is Finally Being Deciphered

Neuroscientists capture the moment a brain records an idea

Pickwick Poltergeist- ‘Violent Spirit’ Dwells In Home Up For Rent

Russian Official Proposes International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings

Rumors About 'Swastika' On the Moon Fuel 'Nazi Moon Base' Myths

Spaceflight, coral reefs, and other wild ways to get buried

5 strange new facts about twins

Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti

Life Was Miserable for Dinosaurs in the Tropics

Tunneling Cryobot Robot May Explore Icy Moons

Voracious carnivores caught knocking back sugary flower nectar

Russian man to undergo world's first full head transplant

Mars glass could preserve evidence of life

15-year-old boy discovers new planet 1,000 light-years from Earth

Exclusive look inside the world's largest planned doomsday escape

We still don't know what those bright blobs on Ceres are

The Devil's Footprints of Japan

Mystery on Mercury- Strange Pattern of Huge Cliffs Defy Explanation

UFOs Pictured Hovering Over Scotland's Loch Ness

Mummifying Millions- The Canine Catacombs and the Animal Cult Industry of Ancient Egypt


OUT OF THIS WORLDNASA prepares test flight for 'flying saucer' craft

VIDEOS- NASA set for 'flying saucer' test flight

Pilot who flew Obama on close encounters with UFO's


New Evidence Ancient Chinese Explorers Landed in America Excites Experts

The dawn of artificial intelligence

The Magician Who Astounded the World by Conjuring Spirits and Talking with Mummies

"Roswell Alien" – Analysis of the Kodachrome Slide

Searching for Clues to Mystery of Ancient Americans

'Jets' on Saturn Moon Enceladus May Actually Be Giant Walls of Vapor and Ice

Mysterious 'X-Files' sounds heard miles above the Earth

The number glitch that can lead to catastrophe

This Is What Happens After You Die

Is NASA Moving Toward a Hyperspace Drive-

Alien Volcanoes on 'Super Earth' May Explain Wild Temperature Swings

Italian police 'reveal' what Jesus looked like as a young boy

We've Just Developed a Portable Cloaking Device

How Silicon Valley's billionaires are trying to defy death

Poltergeist drama sees actors spooked

Underwater volcano may be erupting off Oregon


Mystery of Jupiter's Red Spot Solved

Habitable exomoons born in cosmic collisions

Animal Myths From Around the World

An Indonesian Hairy Man-Beast-

Looking for UFOs- Travel Nevada's 'Extraterrestrial Highway'

The Creepy Masked Monkey Village of Jakarta

'Killer robots' need to be strictly monitored, nations warn at UN meeting

This Injury Could Blind You While Making You Believe You Can See

Exclusive new pictures inside Siberian crater

The man who can hear Wi-Fi wherever he walks

World's tallest and shortest men meet on Records Day

Now You See Them- 'Magic Islands' Appear on Saturn's Moon Titan

Witness says San Andreas Fault is UFO ‘major corridor’

1,000-Year-Old Tomb Reveals Murals, Stars & Poetry

What Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro Saw When Her Heart Stopped for 45 Minutes

Multiverse Collisions May Dot the Sky


Mystery 'face' on Mars

Shadow figure terrorizes Boston offices

A swarm of earthquakes buzzes underground in Nevada

Venezuela's everlasting lightning storm enters book of records

Close one! X-class solar flare causes radio blackouts

'Ghostly presence' created in lab

European Space Agency wants to 3D-print a moon base

How to check if your universe should exist

This Robot Makes People Experience a Ghostly Presence

Japanese scientists succeed in making mice transparent

Ancient DNA shows earliest European genomes weathered the Ice Age

Night of the Saucer Crash- The Monte Grande Conspiracy Continues

Researchers claim an incredible discovery in Lake Champlain


Headset uses brainwaves to record dreams

Deer with 'vampire fangs' spotted in Afghanistan


Who Shot Down 2 Space Vehicles In One Week- The Russians- Aliens- Sabotage- Conspiracy Theories Emerge!

Many Interacting Worlds theory- Scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds

Crater Hunters Find New Clues to Ancient Impact Storm

Ghost Hunters Detect Paranormal Activity On Camera At Prairie Grove Battlefield

Ancient Stone Circles in Mideast Baffle Archaeologists


Two cigar shaped UFOs appear near the International Space Station

Moment Mystery Light Streaked Across Night Sky Captured on Video

The Real Cyborgs

Is it a bird, is it a plane- No - it's a mystery man flying past an Airbus full of passengers

'The Hobbit' turns 10- Find that rewrote human history

6,000-Year-Old Temple with Possible Sacrificial Altars Discovered

South Shields woman's 'text from the grave' shock

Jack the Ripper- Scientists who claim to have identified killer have 'made serious DNA error'

Giant Sphinx from 'Ten Commandments' Film Unearthed 91 Years Later

Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist in Rainforest

Mysterious Spontaneous Combustions Return to Sicilian City

X-37B Military Space Plane Lands After Record-Shattering Secret Mission

Who owns the moon-

Giant kangaroos 'walked on two feet'

Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming

Bizarre ‘alien’ sea creature caught off Singapore



Giant crab spotted off British coast

Debris field spotted on radar at time of boom heard around the ArkLaTex

This Woman Sees 100 Times More Colors Than The Average Person

The inevitable rise of Ebola conspiracy theories

Do ghosts exist- Four theories on our fascination with apparitions

'Vampire Grave' in Bulgaria Holds a Skeleton With a Stake Through Its Heart

The Surreal Underwater River of Mexico

AWAREness Beyond Death-

Strange sounds spook couple in Pennsylvania woods

Antikythera wreck yields new treasures

Humanoid statue discovered on Mars-

Elon Musk- Artificial intelligence could wipe out humanity

'Ghost Stalkers' star John E.L. Tenney- The devil is real

Falling metal object mystifies New Jersey plant workers

Prehistoric Paintings in Indonesia May Be Oldest Cave Art Ever

Mysterious shipwreck found in Cayuga Lake


Strange rock formation was 'fracked' by ancient quake

Chilling sightings of 'Black Eyed Child' ghost spark paranormal hunt

NASA images reveal shocking scale of Aral Sea disaster

Iowa’s paranormal activity

If Someone Secretly Controlled What You Say, Would Anyone Notice-

The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times

Indian Spacecraft Snaps Spectacular Portrait of Mars

NASA Exoplanet Mission to Hunt Down Earth-sized Worlds

Crazy weather traced to Arctic's impact on jet stream

Did the Vikings Get a Bum Rap-

Woman who 'died' from cancer is heard screaming from inside coffin after being buried alive

2,000-year-old battery has puzzled archaeologists for decades

Black holes do not exist and the Big Bang Theory is wrong, claims scientist

New 'Nazca lines' discovered in Kazakhstan

Weird space bubbles may have caused US battle deaths

Curiosity Finds a Weird 'Ball' on Mars

Japanese conceptual artists to offer soup made from Fukushima vegetables at Art Fair

20-Year-Old Supernova Mystery Finally Solved


Ebola Zombies- Liberia Paper Reports 2 Women 'Resurrected'

 Dead Ebola Patients Resurrect-


Scientists create shape-shifting metal

Woman undergoes surgery to add third breast


Fever mounts as stunning statues found at ancient Greek tomb

Sabahans abuzz over mystery lights in the sky

Arctic Shipwreck Found After 170 Years, Solving

Australian Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Fluent Mandarin

Ancient Egyptians documented animal extinctions

Electronics go off as UFOs move over Georgia town

Flash floods hit the desert, forcing 50 miles of major Nevada interstate to close

Nicaragua Meteorite Impact Theory May Be Meteor-wrong

Toxic Volcano Tornadoes Spotted in Iceland

Bigfoot’s local devotees have a belief that can’t be shaken

Brain-to-brain 'telepathic' communication achieved for first time

How amateur sleuth used DNA breakthrough to identify Jack the Ripper

A Physicist’s View of the Afterlife- Weird Quantum Physics

Pepie The Lake Monster

Stephen Hawking- God particle could wipe out the universe

Oversized alien-like 'shrimp' caught off Florida is ID'ed

Mystery of the missing Europa geysers

Attenborough 'would like to find the Yeti'

Mother says she's been forced to move out of 'haunted' house

The Strange History of 'Mad Honey'

Can You Ever Really Know an Extraterrestrial-

What created the mystery Utah crater-

Extinct Underwater Volcano Discovered Beneath Pacific Ocean

Time Travel Simulation Resolves


Time Travel Simulation Resolves

The Alien Whisperer- Jill Tarter On 38 Years Of Hunting For E.T

The Mount Polley Mine Disaster Has Produced a Mysterious, Waxy Blue Substance

Stonehenge 'complete circle' evidence found

Some Bay Area Residents Report Mysterious Flashes In The Sky During Napa Quake

Geologists unravel mystery of new crater found in Circleville

Photos of 'Yeti footprints' hit the auction block

'Strange red glowing light' spotted by pilot is an unexplained mystery

Strange sleep disorder makes people appear 'totally drunk'

Police confirm UFO over Pennsylvania

Mystery of how rocks move across Death Valley lake bed solved

Skeptics, Steamships and Nessie

Why was Stonehenge built- Discovery of 15 new monuments may suggest underground answer

'Thigh Bone' on Mars Is Just Another Rock, NASA Says

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, UFOs, and Sky Beasts

Billions of weird creatures invade US beaches

Welcome to Mars. Here's where you'll be staying

Sea plankton 'found living outside International Space Station'

An Astrophysicist in Search of E.T


Was Neanderthal shot by a time traveller-

Man woke up on fire- Edmonton police


"Humanoid Shadow" in Google Moon

UFO sighted over Houston during rain storm

Are apps secretly listening to your calls-

What-! The universe appears to Be missing some light

Ancient Maya cities found in jungle

Meet the 'zombie chicken' that apparently made it out of a freezer alive

Impossible' asteroid hurtling towards Earth is defying the laws of physics - and experts don't yet know how to stop it

The real Men in Black, Hollywood and the great UFO cover-up

Mysterious objects filmed near Space Station send UFO watchers into frenzy

Oldest Evidence for Egyptian Mummy Making Discovered

Edward Snowden, The Untold Story

Mirage or Not- 7 Strange Fata Morgana Sightings From Around the World

Ghost busters and UFO hunters tap top tools of the trade

'Evil Eye' Box and Other Ancient Treasures Found in Nile River Cemetery

A 300-Year-Old Mexican Jesus Statue Has Real Human Teeth, X-Rays Show

Vast tomb unearthed in northern Greece

North Kent's answer to Stonehenge discovered by Faversham archaeologists

Giant Storms Are Raging on Uranus


Strange 'shadow figure' spotted on the moon

Watch NASA's new saucer fly to near space in this awesome video

Mystery Monsters of the Deep Dark Sea

Physicists create water tractor beam

Farmer may hold UFO clue to 36-year Valentich plane mystery

'Green beam' UFO sighted over Hinckley

Giant jellyfish spotted in the Adriatic for first time since Second World War


'Aliens on the Moon' TV Show Adds Weird UFO Twists to Apollo Tales

Roswell, UFOs and Project Pandora

Priest- Demon spirit sending 'hate texts'


Second Siberian Hole Found – Is Permafrost Losing Its Perma-

Holy Hogwarts! New 'Invisible' Materials Made with Light

Giant anteaters kill two hunters in Brazil

Ghost attacks in Hanover haunted house

What did in the dinosaurs- That giant asteroid (or comet) had accomplices

Volunteers Emerge from Mock Mars Base in Hawaii

Paleontologists To Explore Wyoming's Natural Trap Cave For First Time in Decades

World's biggest aquatic insect claimed by China

Nurse struck by lightning inside her house was saved by her flip flops

UFOs and Beyond- Apollo 14 Astronaut Ed Mitchell Is Looking Up

Oldest Medical Report of Near-Death Experience Discovered

lnside the mysterious Yamal crater

Mystery solved- Annoying hum in Monterey Bay may be toadfish's sex call

Woman Speaks Foreign Language Without Learning It-- as It Was Spoken 150 Years Ago

On Cloudy Alien Planets, a Chance for Life

The Strange Real-Life Origins of the Fiendish Werewolf

Voyager spacecraft might not have reached interstellar space

The unbelievable life and death of Michael C. Ruppert

This Terrifying Swarm Of Flies Is So Massive It Shows Up On Weather Radar

'Family That Walks on All Fours' Not Evolutionary Throwbacks


Two 12-year-olds obsessed with online ghost stories 'lured classmate into woods and stabbed her 19 times' to prove 'Slender Man' myth was real


Pulsating red light sighted over Hinckley

Private group makes contact with 36-year-old NASA spacecraft

Are these the bones of a water demon-

Meet NYPD cop who took part in 20 exorcisms

Star Trek-style 'tractor beam' created at university

Mysterious deaths Of college students blamed On 'Russian Yeti'

17 conspiracy theories after Australians say plane is NOT in Indian Ocean search area

Mystery of honeymooners who disappeared 60 years ago without a trace

What Is This Object Photographed From A Plane Over London-

'Wild Men' May Be Lurking in North America’s Remote Woodlands

The 'bermuda triangle of space' revealed in unprecedented detail

Aliens- Yes Please. UFOs- No Thanks

Mummy X-rays let you peel its body to reveal insides

Want to Find Alien Life- It Will Take A Lot of Luck

Mysterious Man-Hunting Serial Killers of the Animal World

Bigfoot Day draws enthusiasts and investigators with differing theories

Video- Massive wall of eerie fog swallows Lake Michigan

The 2,500-pound snake that devoured gigantic crocodiles

'Angel' which saved British troops in WW1 'may have been UFO'

Could wormholes allow time travel-

3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body

This Hellish Desert Pit Has Been On Fire for More Than 40 Years

Flight MH370- 17 conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance


Unusual 'Hole Punch Cloud' Over CA City Spurs UFO Fears

UFO Take Out Taliban Base

Mount Baldy to remain closed as holes mystery persists

Spy lamp secretly tweets conversations

SpaceX rocket stage in soft return

Abducted by ET- There is now a support group for you

Antarctic Lava Lake Huffs and Puffs Like a Sleeping Dragon

Space Radiation Remains Major Hazard for Humans Going to Mars

Gallipoli 'ghost' captured at soldiers' cemetery

Superintelligent AI Could Wipe Out Humanity, If We're Not Ready for It

Mystery of 'ocean quack sound' solved

Vertigo- A common problem that left one man teetering for months and months

Mysterious robotic plane hits 500 days in space; what's it doing-

The Mysterious Living Mummies of Japan

Total Death Experiences

Video- Zebra + donkey = ‘zonkey’ at Mexico zoo

Watch out for the X-flare


UFO photos in latest release of Snowden documents

News agency claims Snowden docs prove aliens helped Hitler, and currently control U.S. gov’t

UFO on radar prompts Indian Air Force to scramble jet

Massive airship test may spur UFO reports

Did the Smithsonian discover ALIEN skulls in Antarctica-

Triangle UFO photographed in Texas

Secret UFO files of the Italian Air Force subject of new book

NASA plans search for alien life on Europa

Scientist believes evidence of alien life on Mars was destroyed

Film takes out-of-this-world approach to Brown Mountain Lights - Charlotte Observer

Army in school as alien egg unearthed - Blackpool Gazette

World of Warplanes Set to Add UFOs - Capsule Computers


Humans to be kept between life and death in suspended animation trials


Purported Sasquatch tracks found on Vancouver Island

Zombie Studies Gain Ground on College Campuses

Here Be Mermaids!

Texas man photographs UFOs near tornado-shaped cloud

Giant virus revived from deep freeze in Siberian tundra


Conspiracy theorists vandalize Great Pyramid at Giza to prove 'alternative history' theories

The mammoth asteroid set to fly by Earth last night just disappeared

US army builds fake city to shoot at during training

John Key- 'I'm not a reptile'

China's Lunar Rover Comes Back to Life

Cruise ship passenger killed by freak wave


High Strangeness Before and After Montreal Boom and Blue Sky Flash.

Booms Continue from Montreal to Arizona



Giant Triangle seen From I.S.S.

Giant Black Triangle seen From Int. Space Station

Missing Nuke Investigation- Special Report


Mysterious light dashes through tunnel in Germany.wmv

Underground Tunnels and Cities Completely Stocked.wmv

The time traveler on the internet = John Titor

Scientists testing chemicals that can delete memories

This Internet Mystery has the Entire World Baffled

Door to Hell' Still Burning, 42 Years Later

UFO Disclosure- The Afterlife Angle

Scientists mystified as 20 earthquakes hit Oklahoma in one day

Bizarre Tsunami Ghost Stories Haunt Japan

Mystery radiation leak in tomb for Cold War nuclear waste


Pond swallowed by sinkhole fuels legends in Bosnian village

The country where exorcisms are on the rise

How to Find Alien Life on Dying Planets


Is this Bigfoot's footprint-

Sun Mysteriously Goes All Quiet Just When Its Activity Should Be Highest

We’ll Never Find Atlantis

Small Animals See The World In Slow Motion

Meet the mysterious men behind Oklahoma's monument to Azathoth

Who is the creepy clown terrifying the people of Northampton-

What Would a Real Cyberwar Look Like-

Ancient Maya Grave Yields Dozens of Mutilated Bodies

'Mystery figure haunting the Swiss woods for over a decade'

Video- Could this be real paranormal activity-

Time travel is possible, says Professor Brian Cox

DARPA's plan to flood the sea With drones, carrying more drones


White House Can't Afford Its Shapeshifting Alien Reptile Guards

Video Reptilian Guard

Huge 'Blazing Orb' Appears Over Russian City, Causes Alarm

FBI comes clean on top X-File


February 16, 2013 - Part 1: More Earth-Shaking Booms in Morristown, TN

and “Shock Wave” Booms in San Manuel, AZ. Click for report.


Mysterious Disease Leaving Philadelphia Women 'Possessed,' Catatonic

What’s Going On At Fort Campbell, Kentucky-

Bigfoot or animals- Strange sounds coming from swamp

Fossil human traces line to modern Asians

300 Million Year Old 'Machinery' Found In Russia

Snowpocalypse Russia

Neanderthal to be born to surrogate mother-

Scientists discover how to identify people from 'anonymous' genomes

Nature Has A Formula That Tells Us When It's Time To Die

Storm Clouds Crawling With Bacteria

Study looks to get to bottom of 'Windsor hum'

Newly Discovered Nebula Looks Like a Manatee

Toothy Tumor Found in 1,600-Year-Old Roman Corpse

Florida cat's 200-mile trek home baffles scientists



UFOs over Michigan baffle eyewitnesses

18 human heads reportedly found at Chicago airport


 Fumes at woman's death still mystery after 10 years

The Philadelphia Experiment- New Evidence?



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