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World News: May

Last Months News



5-30-04  Saudis- Hostage Crisis Death Toll Rises to 22

5-30-04  Prince Bandar- 7 U.S. Hostages Rescued

5-30-04  S.F. Gallery Owner Attacked Over Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse Art...

5-30-04  Army- Friendly Fire Likely Killed Tillman

5-30-04  AP- Intelligence Agents Accused in Abuse

5-30-04  Malaysia Arrests Key Figure in Nuclear Trafficking

5-30-04  Gunmen Kill 10 in Saudi Housing Compound


5-30-04  U.N.- Libya Nuke Suppliers Spanned Globe

5-29-04  Prisoner Abuse Elsewhere in Iraq

5-29-04  Report- American Killed in Saudi Attack

5-29-04  Report- Friendly Fire Killed Pat Tillman

5-28-04  From American Boy to Terror Suspect

5-28-04  U.S. Indicts Radical Muslim Cleric

5-28-04  Abu Ghraib Convoy Attacked

5-28-04  Najaf Operations Suspended After Al-Sadr Offer

5-28-04  Governing Council Member's Convoy Ambushed

5-23-04  N. Korea Accused of Supplying Uranium

5-23-04  U.S. Kills Dozens of Radical Cleric's Militiamen


5-22-04  Five Dead in Baghdad Car Bombing

5-22-04  Worst Iraq prison abuse happened on one day, amid surge of violence...

5-22-04  Anti-War Soldier Gets Year in Jail for Desertion

'5-22-04  Rock Solid' Evidence Chalabi Spied for Iran

5-22-04  Security Council- Iraqi Interim Gov't Should Get 'Full Sovereignty'

5-20-04  U.N. Audit Found Early 'Oil-for-Food' Problems

5-20-04  U.S.- That 'Wedding Party' Was Terror Haven

5-20-04  ABC Airs Troops Posing With Body Photos...

5-20-04  U.S. Raids Chalabi's Iraq Residence

5-20-04  U.S. Disputes Strike Report on Iraqi Wedding Party

5-20-04  U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad

5-20-04  Bush, Berlusconi Discuss Iraq Strategy

5-20-04  U.S.- Iraq Violence Might Get Worse After Handover

5-19-04  'British soldier' arrested over fake Iraqi abuse photos...

5-19-04  Leftist Prof Denies Faking 'Hate' Crime

5-19-04  Mass Migration Favors Democrats

5-19-04  Leftists Yawn at Discovery of Saddam's WMD

5-19-04  Shia outrage over shrine 'attacks'

5-19-04  Chinese KMT Revolutionary Committee fully supports China's reuinification

5-18-04  N. Korean rail explosion foiled missile shipment to Syria...

5-17-04  Chemical Weapons Found in Iraq

 5-17-04   Military intelligence, CIA officers under scrutiny

5-17-04  Lawmakers Told Of POW Abuse Months Ago

5-17-04  Troops In S. Korea May Go To Iraq

5-17-04  US Army Says It Finds Shell with Sarin Agent in Iraq

5-17-04  'Nerve gas bomb' explodes in Iraq

5-17-04  Syria and Iran Support Conflict in Iraq

5-17-04  Powell- Where's the Arab Outrage Over Berg's Beheading-

5-17-04  Pentagon Denies Secret Program

5-17-04  Top Iraqi Shiite Killed in Baghdad Blast

5-17-04  Bremer Denounces Assassination

5-17-04  Al-Jazeera Shows Russian Hostages in Iraq

5-17-04  White House- Iraq Democracy Will Not Be Deterred

5-12-04  Killers Claim Anger Over Prison Abuse

5-12-04  U.S. Soldiers Fight Cleric's Militia

5-12-04  60 Minutes II’ to air controversial footage; A soldier talks about how he doesn't care about the Iraqi prisoners...

5-12-04  Executed for Being an American

               --GRAPHIC IMAGES--

5-12-04  Mexican Air Force Pilots Videotape UFOs

5-12-04  U.S. Has Too Few CIA Agents

5-12-04  Family, Friends Remember Nick Berg

5-12-04  Zarqawi Eclipsing Bin Laden in Terror Prominence


5-11-05  Video Shows Beheading of American in Iraq

5-11-04  Hamas Terrorists Display Remains of Israeli Soldiers

5-11-04  BBC Won't Fire Anyone for Its Deadly Iraq Scandal

5-11-04  Kerry Exploits Iraq Photos to Raise Money

5-11-04  Congress Warned of, Ignored Abuse

5-09-04  Chechen President Killed in Victory Day Blast

5-09-04  First Soldier Charged in Prisoner Abuse

5-09-04  British Troops Clash With al-Sadr Gunmen

5-09-04  Pentagon Nixed Plan to Send Lawyer to Abu Ghraib

5-09-04  Rumsfeld Warns of Worse to Come

5-09-04  Hamill Recounts 'Horrific' Ambush

5-09-04  No Plans to Close Abu Ghraib

5-09-04  Coalition Troops Battle Shiite Militias

5-07-04  Senior cleric calls for Sadr's militia men to leave Najaf

5-07-04  US Forces Tighten Grip Around Najaf

5-07-04  U.S., Al-Sadr Fighters Clash in Karbala

5-07-04  'Bin Laden' Offers Gold for Killings

5-06-04  Biggest U.S. Assault Yet Against Al-Sadr Militia

5-06-04  Bush Chastises Rumsfeld on Abuse

5-06-04  Red Cross- U.S. Ignored Our Prison Pleas

5-06-04  Ex-Iraq Prison Guards Didn't See Abuse

5-06-04  Prison-Abuse Scandal Undermines Iraqi Moderates

5-05-04  Pentagon To Keep 135,000 Troops In Iraq

5-05-04  25 Died While Held By U.S. Forces

5-05-04  Coalition Soldier Killed in Karbala

                • Video- Harrigan in Karbala

5-05-04  Iraq Prison Commander Apologizes

5-05-04  Officer Accused of Abu Ghraib Shower Cam

5-05-04  Abu Ghraib Prison Population to Be Cut in Half

5-05-04  Rumsfeld- Prisoner Abuse 'Un-American'

5-03-04  No Widespread Abuse In Iraq Prisons

5-03-04  11 More Troops Die; Contractor Escapes

5-03-04  Bush- Prison Guard Acts 'Shameful'

5-03-04  British Iraq Abuse Photos Called Fakes

5-03-04  Turkish police detain 16 bombing suspects

5-03-04  Army photos- Claims and rebuttals

5-03-04  Seven U.S. MPs Reprimanded

5-03-04  Apparent Terror Plot Foiled in Turkey

5-03-04  Homeward Bound

5-03-04  U.S. Forces Attacked in Najaf

5-03-04  Family Cheers Ex-Hostage's Escape

5-03-04  U.S. May Change 'Fallujah Brigade' Commander

5-03-04  Antarctica Will Soon Be the Only Place to Live

5-03-04  When UFOs Arrive



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