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News: March


3-31-04  Publisher Who Spied for Saddam Gets 3-Plus Years

3-31-04  Missing College Student Found Alive

3-31-04  Missing Student Found Alive, In 'Good Shape'

3-31-04  Violent, Bloody Day Hits Iraq

3-31-04  U.S. Marines Intensify Bin Laden Hunt

3-31-04  Iraq Bomb Kills 5 U.S. Soldiers; Foreigners Shot Dead

3-31-04  New Evidence of Egyptian Nuke Program

3-31-04  Threat To U.S. Carrier: USS Kitty Hawk

3-31-04  Border-Area War Zone

3-30-04  Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

3-30-04  Clarke Refused to Testify in 1999, Citing Same Reasons as Condi.

3-30-04  Stolen FBI Files Were 'Very Explosive'

3-30-04  Oil for Food Is Just One of Many Scandals at U.N.

3-30-04  Security key to voting, U.N. official says

3-30-04  Philippines says foils major attack

3-30-04  U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Attack

3-30-04  Rice to Testify Publicly Before 9/11 Commission

3-30-04  U.N. Security Chief Fired Over Iraq Failures

3-30-04  Major Anti-Terror Bust in U.K.

3-30-04  Police foil terror attacks in Manila

3-30-04  Explosives find in UK terror raid

3-29-04  Coordinated Terror Attacks Hit Uzbekistan

3-29-04  Saddam's French Lawyer Criticizes Bush

3-29-04  Sharon's Son Ordered to Give Up Documents

3-29-04  Rice Defends Decision Not to Publicly Testify

3-29-04  Mosul Firefight After Iraqi Minister Escapes Attack

3-29-04  Hamas leader labels Bush 'enemy of God

3-28-04  U.N. nuclear agency inspectors returned to Iran

3-28-04  Hamas Leader: 'Earthquake' of Revenge in Store for Israel

3-28-04  Two Foreigners Killed in Iraq

3-28-04  Sept. 11 Panel to Press Rice to Testify Publicly

3-28-04  Host Tunisia Scraps Summit, Cairo Steps In

3-27-04  Al-Qaida Chief Hurt, Hiding, Pakistan Says

3-27-04  Crews clear I-95 wreckage for temporary bridge

3-27-04  Saddam betrayed by bodyguard

3-27-04  Guerrilla Rocket Attack in Iraq Kills 2, Wounds 13

3-27-04  Pakistan condemns soldiers' execution by militants

3-26-04  Fierce Gun-battle, Oil-Well Blast in Iraq

3-26-04  White House Wants Second 9/11 Panel, Rice Meeting

3-25-04  Shadowy Group Suspends French Rail Bomb Threat

3-25-04  FBI Warns Texas Oil Industry of Possible Attack

3-25-04  Mob Attacks Driver Who Fatally Struck Pedestrian

3-25-04  Pakistan: More Than 50 Terrorists Killed

3-25-04  Two GIs Die in Iraq Bomb Blast, Gun-battle

3-25-04  Blair Makes Historic Visit to Libya

3-24-04  Rice Accuses Clarke of Conflicting Stories

3-24-04  Israeli soldiers stop teen with bomb

3-24-04  Yellowstone's Explosive Secret

3-23-04  For Bush administration, help from an unlikely source

3-23-04  Bush Defends Israel But Urges Restraint

3-23-04  Top U.S. officials defend measures that failed to capture Osama bin Laden

3-23-04  Gunmen kill nine Iraqi police

3-23-04  Pakistani elders urge al Qaeda fighters to quit

3-23-04  Nuclear cruiser 'could explode'

3-23-04  Trooper wounded; two escape

3-23-04  4-Year-Old Brings Crack Cocaine To Pre-School

3-23-04  U.S. Blamed for Yassin's Death in Purported Al-Qaeda Statement

3-22-04  14 British troops wounded in street protests

3-22-04  Fight terror or risk funding: EU

3-22-04  Afghan Army Deploys to Calm Fighting

3-22-04  Pakistani army convoy attacked

3-22-04  Debate Grows Over Bush's Handling of Terror Threat

3-22-04  White House slams Bush accuser

3-22-04   U.S. Embassy in Syria Warns Americans of Retaliation

3-22-04   Three Iraqis, Two Finns, GI Killed in Iraq

3-22-04  Pakistan finds 'escape' tunnels

3-22-04  Hamas Leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin Killed in Gaza

3-21-04  Hamas Spiritual Leader Killed in Israeli Strike

3-21-04  Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq

3-21-04  Report: Al Qaeda Has Nukes

3-21-04  Afghan Aviation Minister Shot Dead

3-21-04  Pakistani forces search for militant holdouts

3-21-04  2 U.S. soldiers, 2 Iraqi civilians killed in attacks

3-21-04  Oklahoma Bomb Conspirator Faces Possible Death

3-21-04  Taiwan Opposition Wants Inquiry Into Shooting

3-21-04  Afghan assassination sparks bloodbath

3-21-04  Allen donates millions to hunt for aliens


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