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News: April



4-30-04  Arab TV Shows Iraq Abuse Photos

4-30-04  U.S. to Give Iraqi Soldiers Chance to Pacify Fallujah

4-30-04  U.S. to Strengthen Missile Defenses in South Korea

4-30-04  'Al-Zarqawi' Denies Chemical Bomb Plot

4-30-04  'Possible Breakthrough' in Fallujah

4-30-04  Arab TV Shows Iraq Prisoner Photos


4-29-04  Suspected Madrid Bomber Indicted for 9/11 Attacks

4-29-04  10 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq

4-26-04  Marines Battle Insurgents in Fallujah

4-26-04  U.S. Troops Enter Najaf to Replace Spanish Forces

4-26-04  U.S. Backs Off All-Out Fallujah Assault Warnings

4-26-04  Shots Fired at Bulgarian President in Iraq

4-26-04  New Details on Saudi Help in Iraq War

4-25-04  China more than doubling budgeted military spending this year: Pentagon

4-25-04  Iraq oil exports resume after raid

4-25-04  Help arrives for train blast victims

4-25-04  Pakistan Grants Amnesty for Sheltering Al Qaeda

4-25-04  Tillman Killed in Treacherous Territory

4-25-04  Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Boat Bombing

4-25-04  Pirates terrorise crew of divers

4-24-04  Apocalyptic scenes in North Korea, death toll at 154

4-24-04  Violence Throughout Iraq

4-24-04  Ex-NFL Player Dies in Afghan Firefight

4-24-04  Agents Raid Terror Cells in Global Sweep

4-24-04  Why Do They Hate America- Jealousy

4-23-04  Iraq's Sadr Warns of Suicide Bombs if US Attacks


4-23-04  U.S. Re-Hires Ex-Saddam Followers

4-23-04  Mass Casualties Feared in N. Korea

4-23-04  Ex-NFL Star Pat Tillman Killed in Afghanistan

4-22-04  Thousands of Casualties Reported in North Korea

4-22-04  Video-Trains Explode in N. Korea

4-22-04  Fallujah Cease-Fire Shaky

4-22-04  State of Emergency in North Korea

4-22-04  Marines to Iraq rebels- Hand over weapons

4-22-04  Saudis look for clues at bomb site

4-22-04  Thousands of casualties reported in North Korea explosion

4-21-04  Saudi bomb- a shift in Al Qaeda tactics

4-21-04  Floating Arsenal Seized

4-21-04  At least 10 reported dead in Saudi car bombing

4-21-04  Simultaneous Car Bombs Kill 68 in Basra

4-21-04  Car Bombs Rock Saudi Capital

4-21-04  U.N. to Vote on Oil-for-Food Probe

4-20-04  Israel Might Have Infiltrated Hamas

4-20-04  Gorelick Defends Memo, Position on 9/11 Commission

4-20-04  Insurgents attack Baghdad prison with mortars, killing 22

4-20-04  Brits- No Comment on Stadium Plot

4-20-04  Terror Suspects Killed in Jordan

4-20-04  22 Dead in Baghdad Mortar Attack

4-19-04  'Baghdad Boil' Afflicting U.S. Troops

4-19-04  New Path to Peace

4-19-04  Report- North Korea's Kim to visit China tech park

4-19-04  UN court reduces responsibility and sentence of Bosnian Serb general for genocide

4-19-04  Unseen Hamas military chief stays on the run

4-19-04  US Officials Announce Agreement in Fallujah

4-19-04  British Cops Nab 10 Terror Suspects

4-19-04  'Eerily Quiet' Monday in Iraq

4-19-04  Spanish Leader Pulling Troops From Iraq

4-19-04  'Baghdad Boil' Afflicting U.S. Troops

4-18-04  New Spanish PM to Withdraw Troops from Iraq as Soon as Possible

4-18-04  Portugal to Withdraw If Iraq Violence Worsens

4-17-04  US Soldier Captured by Iraqi Guerrillas

4-17-04  Video Shows U.S. Soldier Held Hostage

4-17-04  Maupin's Hometown Relieved to See Footage

4-17-04  Report- Two Japanese Hostages Freed in Iraq

4-17-04  U.S. Soldiers Battle Shiite Militia Near Kufa

4-17-04  Woodward Book Details Secret Bush War Plan

4-16-04  US officials and Iraqis open direct negotiations in Fallujah; more kidnappings reported

4-16-004  Violence flares as US soldiers mass near holy city

4-16-04  FBI Warns of Stolen French Passports

4-15-04  9-11 Panel Outs CIA Spymaster

4-15-04  U.N. to U.S.- Get Rid of Governing Council

4-15-04  U.S. Troops Gather for Fallujah Firefight

4-15-04  US forces tighten grip on Najaf

4-15-04  Sadr offers truce in Najaf

4-15-04  Iraq 'Caretaker' Plan Proposed

4-15-04  Bin Laden bids to split western allies

4-15-04  Israeli Missile Strike in Gaza Town of Rafah

4-15-04  Report- Japanese Hostages Freed

4-15-04  Report- Iranian Diplomat Killed in Iraq

4-15-04  'Bin Laden' Tape Offers Truce to Europe

4-13-04  Wash. Man Arrested for Ricin Possession

4-13-04  19 Foreign Hostages Released in Iraq

4-13-04  Japan grapples with conflicting Iraq hostages info

4-13-04  8 Kidnapped Workers with Russian Company in Iraq Set Free

4-13-04  U.S. Soldier Killed on Way to Najaf

4-13-04  U.S. Nabs Al-Sadr Aide

4-13-04  Five Ukrainians, Three Russians Freed in Iraq

4-13-04  Report- U.S. Helicopter Down Near Fallujah

4-13-04  Overnight Firefight in Fallujah

4-11-04  We Will Not Be Swayed by Kidnappings, Says Hoon

4-11-04  Massive manhunt launched for Philippine jail escapees

4-11-04  Shiite Militia Bracing for Battle With U.S.

4-11-04  Video of Slain Westerners Shown on Arab TV

4-11-04  Deadline for U.S. Hostage Passes

4-11-04  U.S. Apache Shot Down in Baghdad

4-10-04  US spy agency plans to hire 7500 people in five years

4-10-04  Terror Suspects Nabbed in Jordan

4-10-04  U.S. Ups Military Strength in Fallujah

4-10-04  Military prepares to deal with 2 separate insurgencies

4-10-04  Truce offer fails to end violence

4-10-04  Marine in'Fall of Baghdad' Photo Injured

4-10-04  Kidnappings Spread Across Iraq

4-10-04  Cheney Appeals to Asian Leaders

4-10-04  Fierce Fighting Kills 40 Iraqis, Wounds Several GIs

4-10-04  6 Americans killed in Iraq as violence presses on

4-10-04  U.S. Offers Bilateral Ceasefire in Fallujah

4-10-04  Chance remains little for SDF's withdrawal

4-09-04  Sporadic Fighting Continues in Fallujah

4-09-04  While coalition forces gain ground in southern Iraq, battles rage on

4-09-04  Cheney set to leave for Asia

4-09-04  Afghan Troops Restore Calm to City After Militia Takeover

4-09-04  Thousands flee Sri Lanka fighting

4-09-04  US forces recapture Kut but Fallujah ceasefire fails

4-09-04  U.S. Forces Recapture Southern Iraq City

4-09-04  Federal Prosecutors Seek Body Armor Sellers

4-09-04   Marine Convicted for Selling Body Armor on eBay

4-09-04  Japan Won't Give In to 'Cowardly Threats'

4-09-04  Al-Sadr Aide Denies Kidnapping Involvement

4-09-04  photo essay:  Fighting Continues in Iraq

4-09-04  U.S. Halts Fallujah Offensive

4-08-04  Marines Fight Insurgents in Fallujah

4-08-04  Iraq Insurgents Threaten to Burn Hostages

4-08-04  Pakistan Gears Up for New Anti-Terror Offensive

4-08-04  'The Real Battle Has Just Started'

4-08-04  Iraq Rebels Threaten to Kill Japanese Hostages

4-08-04  Shiite militias control three Iraqi cities; Japanese, Israeli Arabs kidnapped

4-08-04  In Iraq, a 'perfect storm'

4-08-04  US may extend the stay of 15,000 troops in Iraq

4-08-04  Japan Will Not Withdraw Troops from Iraq, Despite Kidnapping of 3 Civilians

4-08-04  Security Boosted in Italy, at Vatican

4-08-04  Rice: No 'Silver Bullet' Could Have Stopped 9/11

4-08-04  Condoleezza Rice's Statement

4-08-04  Mounting Violence in Iraq Tests Resolve of U.S. Allies in Asia

4-08-04  Eight Koreans, Three Japanese Reported Kidnapped by Insurgents in Iraq

4-08-04  Operation Resolute Sword Under Way

 4-08-04  China Rejects Britain's Concerns Over its Reinterpretation of Hong Kong Constitution

4-08-04  Afghan City Falls to Strongman as Troops Fly In

4-08-04  Sudan Govt, West Rebels Not Signed Cease-fire

4-08-04  Abu Sayyaf leader killed

4-08-04  Insurgents threaten to kill Japanese hostages

4-08-04  Marine killed in showdown for Fallujah

4-08-04  Reports- Iraqis Hold 3 Japanese, 7 South Koreans

4-07-04  Officials- Second Madrid Attack Plot

4-07-04  Marines Move on Insurgents in Fallujah Mosques

4-07-04  U.S. Hits Mosque Compound; 40 Said Killed

4-07-04  Shia split over Iraqi 'uprising'

4-07-04  Battle rages in Falluja

4-07-04  US air strike hits Falluja mosque

4-07-04  German Court Releases Convicted Sept. 11 Plotter

4-07-04  Alleged Al-Zarqawi Tape Claims Iraq Attacks

4-07-04  Radical Shiite Cleric Won't Surrender

4-07-04  Rumsfeld Backs More Iraq Troops if Needed

4-07-04  U.S. to 'Destroy' Shiite Militia

4-07-04  Troops Battle Enemy Forces in Ramadi

4-06-04  Jordan On Alert After Terror Find

4-06-04  At Least 12 Marines Killed in Ramadi Battle

4-06-04  Insurgents Charge U.S. Compound in Ramadi

4-06-04  'Significant' Number of U.S. Deaths Reported in Iraq

4-06-04  Rumsfeld- U.S. Troops Arresting Suspects in Falluja

4-06-04  Rumsfeld- US Troops Raid Fallujah

4-06-04  Sadr 'wanted in two murders'

4-06-04  No wide Shiite rally to Sadr's forces

4-06-04  Battles Flare as Iraqi Shi'ites Vow Resistance

4-06-04  Shiite cleric Sadr ends sit-in, moves to holy city of Najaf

4-06-04  US considers Iraq reinforcements

4-06-04  Chemical 'bomb plot' in UK foiled

4-06-04  Heavy fighting in sealed Falluja

4-06-04  Military Mulls More Troops in Iraq

4-06-04  Seven U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Violence

4-06-04  Al-Sadr Leaves Mosque

4-05-04  Russian Researcher Found Guilty of Treason

4-05-04  As China Considers Hong Kong Democracy, Advocates Are Split

4-05-04  US, Shi'ite Leaders Facing Risky Choices in Iraq

4-05-04  Analysis: Growing Shia discontent

4-05-04  Murder Warrant Issued for Fiery Cleric in Iraq

4-05-04  Shi'ite Militia Rules Streets of Baghdad Slum

4-05-04  French Police Raid Nets 15 Terror Suspects

4-05-04  U.S. Forces Launch Major Fallujah Operation

4-05-04  Spain Warned on U.S. Support

4-05-04  White House Sticking to Iraq Timetable

4-05-04  Bremer- Radical Shiite Cleric an 'Outlaw'

4-05-04  Profile- Shiite Leader Muqtada al-Sadr

4-05-04  U.S. Launches Operation Vigilant Resolve

4-04-04  Seven U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Fighting

4-04-04  Al Qaeda Economic Targets Outlined in Depth

4-04-04  Official: al-Qaida Almost Gone From Yemen

4-04-04  Brazil keeping nuclear inspectors at bay

4-04-04  French Police Find Explosives Cache

4-04-04  911 Panel Head- Expect a Surprise

4-04-04  Five policemen killed in Pakistan

4-04-04  Rice Plans 20 - Minute Opening Statement to Commission , Time Magazine Says

4-04-04  Fourteen Iraqis Killed in Najaf Protest

4-04-04  Iran has no secret nuclear sites- spokesman

4-04-04  Israel on High Alert Ahead of Passover Holiday

4-04-04  Four Salvadorian soldiers, 14 Iraqis killed, 130 wounded in shooting in front of Spanish base

4-04-04  Iraqi Defense, Intelligence Chiefs Named

4-04-04  Two U.S. Marines Killed in Separate Incidents

4-04-04  Madrid Bombings Mastermind Killed

4-04 04  Ringleader of Madrid attacks among suicide bombers, interior minister says

4-04-04  Thais blame China over low Mekong

4-04-04  IMF eat humble pieHow Argentina is rewriting the rules on loan repayments

4-03-04  US Sanctions 13 Foreign Companies and Individuals for Iran Dealings

4-03-04  Sept. 11 panel to see Clinton papers

4-03-04  U.S. said to identify some Fallujah attackers

4-03-04  Spain Arrests Former Terror Boss

4-03-04  Pakistan Army Drops Leaflets in Al Qaeda Hunt

4-03-04  Three Iraqi Policemen Murdered

4-03-04  Rail line bomb 'matches Madrid'

4-02-04  Bomb Found on Spanish Train Track

4-02-04  Fitness Guru Who Trained Stars Among Civilians Killed in Iraq

4-02-04  Report- USS Cole, French Ship Bombings Suspects to Be Tried This Month

4-02-04  Newspapers Publish Graphic Iraq Images

4-02-04  Israeli police storm disputed holy site

4-02-04  Iraq Cleric Condemns Mutilation

4-02-04  Rice's testimony set for Thursday

4-02-04  Israeli Police Storm Disputed Holy Site

4-01-04  Remains of four slain Americans recovered as officials vow forceful response

4-01-04  US Soldier Accused of Carjacking Sheik

4-01-04  Serbs protest over Karadzic raid

4-01-04  Shock at home and abroad after Fallujah killings

4-01-04  Contractors on edge after grim killings

4-01-04  Declassified Documents Show Clinton Administration Knew of Rwandan Genocide Plan

4-01-04  US Promises to Punish Those Responsible for Gruesome Iraq Attacks

4-01-04  Rebels Attack U.S. Convoy Near Fallujah

4-01-04  'Their Deaths Will Not Go Unpunished'

4-01-04  White House Vows to Stay Course in Iraq Despite Killings


Bush asks allies to keep troops in Iraq

Bush Unbowed by International Terror

Bush Urges Iraq-War Allies to Stick with U.S.

Soldier first to get new 'mad cow' treatment

Most Distant "Icy Planetoid" in Our Solar System
Has A Most Baffling Orbit

France Gets New Islamist Threat

The Rise of Political Terrorism, Al Qaeda Style

Israel Launches Strike in Gaza City

Yellowstone Super-volcano will Devastate Wide Area


Is Yellowstone Worse Than They Say?

Scientist Says Yellowstone Bulge Could Mean Explosion

Yellowstone Lake May Blow

Scientists closely monitoring Yellowstone


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